My small penis humiliation fantasy


Jan 13, 2023
My wife often has GF parties where two or three of her hot girlfriends and sometimes her sister come over to the house for coctails and fun.They usually dress sexy and love to remind me that I'm not a "real man" and will never get pussy with that tiny dicklet of mine. I have to be naked and shaved and required to always be on my knees in their presents accept when I prepare snacks and drinks for them.If my wife feels a bit cruel or thinks I deserve punishment she hands out cains and riding crops or small hand held wire whips to the girls so they can flog me at will.I also get a butt plug pushed up my ass. She has a special one that has an end cap on it that says "Shannons Bitch".They get a great deal of entertainment making me flinch and lurch all over the place.I often give them pedicures,humbly kneeling at their feet wearing a sign around my neck saying tiny dicked loser or sissy.I'm usually crying and sniveling from the whippings I was given while the women laugh hysterically.On one occasion a neighbor heard the laughing comming from the house and thought we were watching a really funny comedy on tv. One time, one of the girls got so worked up she had to call her boyfriend to come over and fuck her in the guest bedroom. When they were done I had eat her creanpie to the cheering of everyone. Two of the girls in this group work with me and I always get that knowing smile or a giggle from them when I see them every day.


Jun 5, 2022
Antwerpen, Belgium
Wow, I did not know there were other men as teenie as my husband. I don't let him have any pubic hair on his wiener or his butt, since pubic hair is something a real man grows.

Making my husband get naked and serve me and my girlfriend's drinks when we get together the girls love to tease him and tell me how much I need to find a guy with a big penis.
My wife loves it when she demands me to wear something really sexy when her friends visiting us,and i must sit with them in our livingroom,serving drinks etc and i love it when they comment how slutty i look


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