Aug 7, 2018
Tampa, FL
Wife has always been able to attract younger men, even as she's turned 60. Her (our) first experience with a very young man was as newlyweds (we were in our early 20s). This high school boy used to hang around the pool at our apartment complex along with a couple of his friends. Over time, after striking up a friendship I remember the first time Stacey asked him to help her with suntan lotion. This was before she started "accidentally" exposing herself to him (and sometimes his friends) and long before she took him as a lover as a sort of graduation gift. Anyway, I watched this young stud spread lotion on her back as I watched from our apartment looking down at the pool area. She unhooked her bikini top while she laid on her stomach. This dude massaged her back and shoulders and would occasionally reach around towards her breasts. Barely touching them but definitely getting a feel. After spending what seemed like an eternity on her back he worked his way down to her ass and legs. Started with her legs - almost like a seduction. He worked on her legs for a while (not sure how lotion on her feet was important - haha) and then finally he worked her ass. This is when I almost exploded - he repeatedly put his fingers up her bikini bottom and spread lotion all along the edges of her bikini and was so bold as to work a minute or so inside her thighs. I couldn't believe Stacey laid there visibly squirming on her stomach while this teenager did everything you can get by with in public. And they were pushing those limits. Didn't mean for this to be so long. Great memory that still gets us both excited.