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Aug 31, 2017
We are new to this. 6 months back i started to think how it would be if I share my wife or see my wife fuck other men. 3 months of confusion finally i came to share her. I told her about the idea. She keep ignore that. Finally she got agreed to fuck other man. 2 months back i selected her bull. Then they started to chat for a week. Then one fine weekend we invited the bull to hotel. We booked a 2BHK hotel room. Her bull showed up. They talked for an hour. I gave them some private time. after an hour of discussion i came. Then i started to undress them. I just take a chair and sit. They started to play. It was awesome. I never thought it will be so awesome. But it was great to see someone fuck your wife in front of you.


Welcome to the site. Sounds like you're off to an amazing start. Is she going to stick with one bull, or does she want to try others?

Care to share pics of her?
I like to share her to different bull. I shared her to indian bull previously. Now i am looking for any foreign bull. With long cock.