Shaved vs natural


Aug 13, 2017
I wish my wife would shave or trim.

Does it feel different? Smell different I assume.

Tongue feel different if your a woman?

Does cock feel different?
To me, a shaved pussy looks better, feels better and smells better. My wife always used to keep it bare.

However, my wife's lover prefers her to have a hairy pussy so she stopped shaving and she now keeps it natural. She doesn't even trim. She knows very well I don't like it, but on the other hand I think it's hot that she has changed it to please her lover. She still expects me to eat her out and of course clean up her creampies.

According to her, there is no real difference in how a cock or tongue feels. The difference is much bigger for me when I'm eating her pussy and have to deal with all that hair. She doesn't mind having a full bush, stating that in the past she mainly shaved for me and that she actually likes it that she doesn't need to shave anymore.
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