Tasted the new guy's cum the first night

Nov 23, 2015
My wife has been searching for a new guy and finally found him! We met him last night after work at a pub. Our plan was just to talk but she did a little more. He's advertised himself well online and was very easy to talk to. I knew my wife was into him.
They flirted and explained their expectations to each other. They kissed for the first time with me sitting there awkwardly. The table we were at didn't provide much cover so she invited him outside. I paid for the drinks and we got into our car.
They continued kissing as I got to be the "lookout." My wife gave him head right there in the parking lot! The guy's dick is enormous so she was thrilled.
He came in her mouth and she immediately kissed me afterward. She pushed his cum into my mouth with her tongue and kept our mouths locked until I swallowed. He laughed and said "I'm going to have fun with you two."
We went our separate ways. I took my wife home and fucked her the best I could. Afterward, she told she hopes the new guy can come over soon.