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May 26, 2018
I just saw the video. It doesn't look like a positive sexual experience. The lady was being used as a tool with a high degree of force. It's too bad this happened like this. I'm a firm believer in being a giver and being a receiver. You hope to feel good about giving and the same about receiving. It should be a caring experience and enjoyable for all who participate. Do a search about Tantra and you can learn more about making sex a positive experience for all who join in and those who enjoy watching. I would not like to see my wife used like this and she would not allow it as well. Perhaps your friend (the guy), enjoys this type of sex. Perhaps he just doesn't know what a caring relationship is and having not experience one, doesn't know the difference. I wish you more positive experiences and hope that is one doesn't put a damper on your relationship and moving forward with a sex-positive lifestyle.
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Apr 15, 2022
very nice. you have to be patient and not put pressure on her, if she feels relaxed, then she should go wild afterwards. can you send the video?


Jan 15, 2021
After talking with the original poster here I wanted to share what happened to my wife over the weekend. Just to show that this crap still happens. My wife went Friday to visit her usual bull. And I do mean usual - they have been hooking up for over 20 years and I've known the guy since high school. So nothing out of the ordinary. When she got to his house it was apparent he had been drinking hard. My wife started to kiss him and just see if he was ok when his buddy comes around the corner. Anyway - they proceed to talk her into having a drink and maybe the friend would leave. Well the friend claims he just wanted to watch and Amy is usually ok with that.

Well the booze made it so her usual bull couldn't get completely hard and when he did he went limp inside her again. She persisted a little but not much happened. Apparently the friend must have been told all the things my wife will do. She has an unwritten rule that if you let her ride and cum a couple times you can use her any way you want. Well the friend wanted to tag in and after some persuasion convinced Amy that with a condom he would get to fuck her. Well once it got going he rolled her over and grabbed her hair and just used her. Half way in he slid the condom off (she didn't know at the time) and crammed it in her ass. Before she could get out from under him he finished in like two thrusts. He pulled on his cloths and made a fast exit. And were was the trusted bull that I've known for year...passed out on the couch.

So today we got the fun of STD testing and letting her bull know he is benched for a long while. My wife was humiliated and very sore. This shit still happens even with the best of plans. Retrospect Amy should have just walked away when the presence of a second person happened.


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May 5, 2021
Brought the idea up to my gf about her blowing my buddy and I think she is down. I spoke to my buddy privately about it through text and he seems to be down. I told him I would want to see it and we have never gone this far before so my gf might be nervous so it might be better if I was there to watch. He was not very open to that idea so I suggested him filming it for me and he said he would do that. So I told my gf this to let her know and she seemed fine with it. I told her I would step outside for 5 minutes while they film together and then I'll come back so that she knows I'm not just leaving her there for an undetermined period of time. I think we are going to make it happen this weekend.
Good luck and enjoy!


May 6, 2022
I would also like to see that video.

the ideal is to have a little patience so that everything flows in the best way, and if it is better to find a more mature person who knows how to involve and make your wife feel comfortable. I think it would be a good option for you.


Apr 26, 2022
I would also like to see that video.

the ideal is to have a little patience so that everything flows in the best way, and if it is better to find a more mature person who knows how to involve and make your wife feel comfortable. I think it would be a good option for you.
Thanks! Just sent it.


Dec 14, 2019
Aurora, Illinois
Thanks everyone! I sent it along to those who asked in pm.
I would certainly appreciate it if you could send one to me too. Also, and if you wish, take a look through and read some of the advice, I’ve offered others, many in similar situations such as yourselves. I’m well experienced in the lifestyle, so please, feel free to let me know if I can be of any help.


May 10, 2022
You guys are talking about cuck play, hotwife with her enjoying another guy, all good.
Way befor I was married I was learning all women are different regardless of age.
I was in my early 20s, some 20yo girls were quiet, didn't know what they wanted....other 20yo girls were friggin freaks in bed.
Same with "older" women...30ish...40ish...
Married....they all said they'd "never done anything like this befor"
I could quickly tell if that was true. Some were into and ok with anything in bed, others not so.
If they cried after first round I knew it was first time venturing out. But after a 10 min cry she'd be ready for round 2
Jan 5, 2022
I have been reading these boards and it seems most couples in this lifestyle are an older age. I just turned 21 and my gf just turned 19, She is a very cute redhead, fit, great body, tattoos, awesome personality, everything I could want. We had discussed exploring this lifestyle several months back and started off with some small stuff like letting a couple of guys feel her up. Then at a party she was being felt up by a guy she went to high school with and she started feeling him up. I gave her the green light to give him a handjob but I wanted to watch so the 3 of us go upstairs into a bedroom. He lays on the bed feeling her up while she jerks him off and I watch. He keeps asking her to suck it but she tells him no, Eventually he is standing and she is on her knees stroking and he keeps trying to rub it on her face and lips and get her to suck it but she resists. He starts stroking himself for a little and out of nowhere grabs my gf's head and busts his nut all over her face pulls up his pants and runs out the room. My gf had never had a facial before and wouldn't have let him do that if she knew he was going to. She still has never let me cum on her face or in her mouth.

Since then we haven't done anything but we have talked about it. I think the next step is having her blow someone. I would like to have her suck my friends dick since I know she thinks he's attractive and he would definitely go for it. I would like to either be there or just let them be alone and have him record it for me. But are we too young for this type of lifestyle? Is this something for more experienced married couples rather than younger couples who aren't married? Why are so few couples our age not in the lifestyle?
I was 27 and six weeks married when I did it first