What is the hottest thing your wife/gf shared with you about her sexual past?

What other sorts of kinky encounters did they have? Did he introduce her to any new fun? Or at least, new for her?
She was dating a very conservative guy at the time so it was a delight for her to meet some, albeit much older than her that had a apatite for sex. I think for her the taboo of the much older man and the arrangement with the man's wife must of been a huge culture shock as she had only had her previous boyfriends as sexual partners in the same era.
30 years ago I was on the fourth date with a cool gal. We had one night of pretty good sex on our third date. She was 5 years divorced with 2 k.ids. Obviously she had dated after divorce. We were at a classy bar having our second dri.nk. Talk turned to sex fun. We agreed to tell a sexy story from our past. Mine was having a date then a hot night with my date, then repeated the following night with a different gal. She responded with similar story but one date in the afternoon then a different guy that same night. I was blown away. Another dri.nk and she tells me she's done a threesome. I'm thinking guy and two girls. With her then boyfriend and his roommate. I couldn't belive what I was hearing. I asked how many times, she says a few. Evidently she spent the night sometimes and had sex with both guys. She was very ashamed of her past. I got over it but I still think about it.
I was way younger, seeing/fucking a good looking older married gal with a family. She was cheating on her hubby, he had no idea. She would stop at my place almost every Thursday at 5:30, we'd have sex 2 or 3 times then she'd leave. Worked very well for me. One night she told me after she went home she always had sex with her husband. We had just got done with our second round, we're laying in my bed and she told me. After about 30 seconds I was hard again and we fucked real good. She cleaned up and went home. Kinda became part of our conversation on how soon she would be doing hubby.
mmmm you have described me..almost to a T right down to the 2 kidsw, the thurs 5:30 fuckmeets and the going home and fucking..THAT hubby after... either you know me..or Im not that unique:)
She was dating a very conservative guy at the time so it was a delight for her to meet some, albeit much older than her that had a apatite for sex. I think for her the taboo of the much older man and the arrangement with the man's wife must of been a huge culture shock as she had only had her previous boyfriends as sexual partners in the same era.
My wife had a boyfriend at the time also. What I think is interesting that in both of our cases, the couple somehow knew our (future) wives would fuck!
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That she was fucking on average 3 to 4 different guys from the bar a week when she met me.. She was 21 and had lost count at over 150 guys.. Even after she moved in with me she had no intention of stopping. But she demanded I be faithful or she would leave me.. She believed all women have the right to fuck any man they want and to also have a faithful boyfriend or husband.. I believe she is right...
Her one night stand in Vegas just met a guy at a bar 45 minutes later they went to his room and he started playing with her titties in the elevator got her into his room and started sucking on her tits then he took her to the bed and took off her clothes and started eating her pussy she told me after he got up she un zip his pants he had a big cock she was scared to suck it he was pushing her head back and forth she was gagging on it after they fucked for 45 minutes then he took her to the window and fucked her from behind while playing with her clit she squirted then he pulled out and came on her butt and back slapping his cock on her best fuck she ever had
Would you like her to do it again as you watch or join
When we first started dating, May told me about being the only woman at a party and being encouraged to strip in front of the men there (including her boyfriend at the time). I thought that was pretty hot, until I was out having beers with a friend of mine. It was soon after May and I started dating but he didn't know that.

He told me how she not only stripped, but also dropped to her knees, or sat in a chair, sucked the cocks of the guys at the party! May was pretty drunk. She started with her boyfriend. When she finished him off, one of the other guys had his cock out, so she sucked him. When that happened, the other guys got their cocks out, some sitting on the couch as she worked on those as some guys played with her tits. He said there about 6 guys there.

But her sucking my cock on our first date, before we even got out of the car to get dinner, might have been a sign. Then again, it felt so good to cum in her mouth!

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is that may
My wife befor we got married got drunk stripped when we got home from the bar and walked around the block nude
Her one night stands meet a guy in Vegas 45 minutes later goes to his room he pulls out and cums on her Ass and back .Fucks a guy in a bar restroom meets a guy in a bar hose to his car and fucks in the back seat.Meet a guy in a bar hose to her house after with people they go to the restroom she on the floor nude he fucks her and cums in her .meets a guy in a bar goes to his house for a night swim no clothes he fucks her in the pool and his brother watches from upstairs.She at a bar talking to bartender stayed after bar closed he fucked her on the bar stool workers there's cleaning.all when young.now 53 only thing I got her to do is grind on a young black guy in Laughlin while dancing he had his hands on her boobs from behind . We went to a RV resort in salton sea with multiple hot tubs and swimming pool she stayed in the hot one with some guy from Canada me and the other couple went in the pool he has to see her boobs she showed them then you want to play with them and suck them he sat under her while she was talking to us we didn't even know then she went into the dressing room after he was already in there she sat on top of them and fuck him. She didn't' tell me till the next day we f***** so hard. One more she like to flash your boobs after we left bars she flashed off to Mexican guys told me to leave I stayed they came over started playing with their boobs but one of the guys started sucking on her nipple then she told me go go so I left finally we laughed going home and had sex


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egos we were married my wife got drunk at a bar when we got home she stripped nude and walked around the block nude
The hottest thing wasn't so much what she did but when and with whom. It was during her first marriage and she hooked up with another married man. She fucked him in the entry way to her house, on his weight bench, and in the bed of some other friends house who were on vacation. She also gave him a blow job in her minivan. The other was she had a girlfriend who was having an ongoing fling and wanted to ease her conscience by letting her husband do something. She asked my wife if she would have sex with her husband and she agreed. She ended up sucking him off in there RV.

I know this is not the hottest thing to some but for when I heard it it was. It is about the context, I had never met someone like my wife so when I heard about what she had done both because it was with other married men and that she was doing it behind her husbands back was a turn on to me. It was her having the confidence, boldness, and sexual desire to take on multiple men that was exciting to hear about.
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