Who's idea was it to live this lifestyle

For those living a hotwife /cockold lifestyle, who initiated it?

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Oct 25, 2016
It was my idea.
I took a huge gamble bringing it up as I had a wife who hadn't even kissed another guy in almost 20 years.
The next month or so was awkward to say the least!
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Dec 24, 2017
It had been a fantasy of mine for years. I finally got the courage to bring it up to my wife in 2012.

Since August of 2012, she's had sex with 4 men other than me. One ex-boyfriend, and 3 other guys.
Oct 25, 2016
It had been a fantasy of mine for years. I finally got the courage to bring it up to my wife in 2012.

Since August of 2012, she's had sex with 4 men other than me. One ex-boyfriend, and 3 other guys.
Pretty similar to our time line....
So far 5 different men have taken my wife..... some more than once :)


Jan 5, 2017
This is the hubby answering the post this time. I know I have mentioned this before in another post but when we sat naked in our recliners seated across from each other wondering out loud what is lacking to make our sex life more memorable, I just put it out there for her in the form of a question.
"What would be hotter for you than what we share now?" Her response was that she would love to fuck another guy along with me. I felt like that was rather hot so our journey began. What we did not know at the time was that 3 way sex can be fun but can also be very clumsy as well. Some drama moments came up between us but we molded our adventure into what is HOTTTT! As we matured and graduated to the next level she was eventually free to fuck her guy while I was seated across the room to watch and sometimes DJ some mood music and if the mood was right I would make my way over to them to shoot my semen into her waiting mouth. She had a boyfriend who had the green ligt to have sex overnight with her in a motel room. If the semen would still be fresh when she returned to me I would be treated to her opening her legs and I would clean out all the evidence of what just happened with them.


Apr 27, 2017
Definitely my (hubby) idea. I kept talking to her and nudging her in that direction. She was extremely nervous the first time another guy joined us but got over it very quickly once we both started pleasuring her at the same time. Fortunately he was very sexually talented and between the two of us she had more orgasms in one night than she had in the previous month. As they say, "the rest is history"!
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Aug 8, 2017
For me it was wife's idea as i wasnt able to satisfy her and usually came pretty quick.. for me it was a dream come true and i agreed instantly.. next thing i knew is she invited some guy same night and fucked him bare in front of me.. then it became a addiction.. now i have lost counts.. lol


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Feb 26, 2018
My wife called me up and said one of the auditors who came in to do some work was flirting with her and asked her out. She asked me if it was ok. I told her go for it. She came home after midnight sloppy and well used. He became her steady lover for years.


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Aug 26, 2017
Our situation is complicated - but I chose 'her idea' for a variety of reasons. It is closer to say "both" - my wife has never been successfully, or happily monogamous, and cheated on me even during the years we were dating. I did not find out about those affairs until later in life, when we had been engaged, broken off our engagement, then resumed it. During that time I became obsessed with the idea of her fucking other men.

After we were married, once again my wife had a half-dozen or so affairs, some of which I found out about, or was suspicious, some of them I had no idea. But she never was open about it, and rejected the idea of fucking other men in the "hot wife" sense, other than responding to the notion during sex and fantasy role-play.

After our kids left home, things changed, and she began moving in that direction, finally one night, unplanned, and to my complete surprise she acted on it, and fucked a guy that she'd picked up in the hotel bar, right in front of me, more or less oblivious to my presence. From that point on, we have been actively doing the hot wife thing, and we both love it.