Wife's First


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Jan 10, 2018
We went to a company cookout yesterday evening for Independence Day. Cindy wore a pair of short and a white pullover top and a thin bra. We were quite a distance from the picnic shelter when suddenly a thunderstorm appeared. Like everyone else, we ran to the shelter but by the time we got there we were both drenched. When I looked at Cindy I noticed that her top and bra had turned almost transparent from being so wet. You plainly see her dark nipples and her tits, while not as visible, were semi-visible. No one said anything to her and apparently Cindy didn't notice at first. Several men decided that they wanted to talk to me, but their eyes kept going to Cindy's chest.

I believe Cindy noticed the guys looking down at her chest and realized what they were looking at. She attempted to leave the group but everytime she did, one of them would ask her something. They kept asking her questions so she would have to stay and I guess so they could look. LOL