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    Having a beautiful wife n immense crave to see her with another bull ....

    You state this so perfectly. For me, it was after 26 years of being married when my wife took control and fucked my lifelong best friend, the first man other than me in her life. His cock was so much bigger than mine, and he pounded her like a rag doll while I watched in complete agony and...
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    Bi men on here?

    I think it is just simply a preference. When my wife's boyfriend and I began to engage in bi play together at her request, we both enjoyed sucking each other and after ten years we still suck each other's cocks more than my wife sucks either of us. When we first tried anal, it was the boyfriend...
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    Am I gay?

    I never imagined I would enjoy bi activity, but at my wife's insistence, she convinced her boyfriend and me into some bi-sexual interaction during one of our MFM threesomes. We did not have any idea of what we had been missing.
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    MMF Wives! Let’s see those that need more than one!

    Love her sexy pictures, it is always hot to see a woman who is really into taking as much cock as she can. About ten years ago my wife had three men over, from a swinger site. I loved at one point, she had all three guys on the bed side by side and she was taking turns riding all three of them.
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    Cucks - do you suck cock?

    While I cannot speak for others to tell how common this is, I can tell you from our personal experience It is a very common thing for us to engage in either before, during, or after when my wife is with a bull. I have found that most bulls enjoy the power of telling the married woman's husband...
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    A word of thanks

    It is a win-win scenario for everyone involved. My hotwife is fully satisfied after a session with a dominant, big dicked, Bull, the bull is happy and as her cuck I am delighted.
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    BWC Bull in Philadelphia, PA

    Home is Tampa, FL. We do travel and will definitely hit you up if we get up your way.
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    Am I gay?

    I think many times we put far too much emphasis on putting ourselves into a category, Straight, Bi, Gay, etc. About ten years ago we met a man who my wife was hot for. He had years of experience in the Lifestyle and during our first MFM with him, he pushed his finger up inside my butt while my...
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    Yes, it is real and can happen. For me, direct stimulation of the prostate will make me cum with no other contact while I am flaccid. I do not get erect from anal penetration but when being fucked or fingered I remain flaccid and I do cum if my prostate is being stimulated. It is not a hard...
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    Ever tried to see how much cum you could hold in your pussy?

    You enjoy all the same things we enjoy about threesomes and more. Our regular boyfriend has the capacity to go multiple times in one night and he always cums a decent amount. It is always surprising how a little cum goes such a long way in making a sticky mess. My wife was intrigued by videos...
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    BWC Bull in Philadelphia, PA

    You sound like an ideal, Bull. We are very much the same in how we like to meet and have an open line of communication. Too bad we are not local.
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    Best way to verify potential partner?

    My wife did the video chats back when Yahoo Messenger had a video interface. She chatted with a lot of guys and would play online, but she quickly learned that most of the men she was chatting with had no intent on meeting and just wanted to get off and move on. But, we also had several good...
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    Challenge for cucks: Post your most humiliating photo/video

    I did take a massive load, and the guys all seemed to enjoy watching my degradation. As to my enjoyment, the cock was way too large for me to enjoy but I did enjoy my wife's arousal and satisfaction with the activity.