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    Who wants to fill her up?

    Part two if you are interested. I’d love shooting my cum deep into and around her cervix. I’d love to watch is slowly drip out off her hairy bush, wet, and tight cunt. You’d watch it drip down her asshole. After we conceive she’s has a chore and that is to clean my cock after each creampie we...
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    Who wants to fill her up?

    I would knock her up, any day of the week. She’s so hot that we’d conceive upon insertion. I’d give her a fucking like she’s never been had before.Show her how a real creampie is done. Making sure her hairy cunt drips my hot thick huge load. She would always know that I’d love both the couple...
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    Wife’s cuckold fantasy

    Huge fan of that bush. I’d kill to creampie her on a daily basis
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    Dude you are a lucky fucking guy. You’re wife is gorgeous. I’d kill to suck on those nipples

    Dude you are a lucky fucking guy. You’re wife is gorgeous. I’d kill to suck on those nipples
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    Seattle Bull Willing to travel far

    30 year old white male 8 inch cock to add to a thick girth. Love creampie wives of all ages. Pm if you’re interested. I am willing to retraced at own expense.
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    Open for business

    Pm me if you’re interested. Willing to travel at own expense. Let this Afghanistan veteran give your wife a proper fucking.
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    Uk couple seeking online buddy for wife.

    I would love to to sex chat your wife
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    Hi !

    Hey my love do you need a fill up?
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    Erotica First time

    Just kind of curious to see a reaction, if I’m any good at this. I’m going to break it up into parts. Tell me what you think at the end All night he had the scent of her perfume buried deep in his nostril. The date was coming to an end, the whole night the couples eyes made love staring into...
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    Fucking in Random Spots in Public

    That’s fucking hot.
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    Comment by 'Jake2Snake' in album 'Professional Breeder'

    I’m open for business.
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    Need Experienced Cuck Input Please

    Yeah absolutely. I think you got the nail on the head with that.