1. Jeff Brown

    Cock Cage

    Masculine male with shared vixen here. looking to chat with other men of hot, shared or vixen wives that like to use the cage as foreplay and build-up vs. tease, denial or sissy. We've enjoyed it that way and had fun exploring different adventures with it. Never use it for humiliation or...
  2. B

    How do your wife's bulls react to your cage?

    What is the bull's reaction when he sees that you are wearing a chastity belt?
  3. Swing101

    Finally My Turn

    Last night, while still being denied, the wife gave me a small teasing. She has another overnight tonight...
  4. Last night 2 while wife was on her overnight

    Last night 2 while wife was on her overnight

    Caged and fantasizing.... wife was on her overnight.
  5. Last night while wife was on her overnight

    Last night while wife was on her overnight

    While my wife was on her overnight date...
  6. Swing101

    Chastity Cage Review

    Every cuckold should own one...or several. After spending many hours researching and buying several different types of cages, I am particularly fond of this one. Pictured is the CB-600 clear plastic cage. It is very comfortable, well made and easy to put on once you get the hang of it. The...
  7. Jeff Brown

    Caged and waiting or watching?

    anyone have their cock caged waiting for the wife/gf to come home or watching her with cock locked?
  8. Sam Leone

    Caged Cucks initial Experiences

    It would be interesting to hear how it started, especially if the Wife's idea, from cucks that are caged. Share your experience. Thanks.