How do your wife's bulls react to your cage?


Oct 7, 2021
It has changed over the years. Used to be interested , usually laughing and getting me to show them and asking questions. Now most bulls have seen them lots of times and take little notice.
Jan 21, 2022
My wife and her boyfriend (who's also her highschool sweetheart) have been together for 6 years (her and I have been married 14 years). The one and ONLY time I joined them for a 3Some (last year), he was totally awkward and insecure. Ironically, whenever it's just him and my wife, he's take charge, a bit rough and even "agressive", which my wife loves. He's also fine with the 3 of us occasionally hanging out in public together.
If he only fully realized the awesome sex/love making my wife and I have partially due to the amazing sex she has with him... Or that she keeps me locked in my cock cage and takes the keys with her whenever she's with him, I don't think he would have been nearly as awkward during that one and only time.
Mar 31, 2022
My wife had been seeing her current boyfriend for a couple of weeks when she said that she wanted me to clean her up afterwards. This was something I had always wanted to do but would chicken out after cumming. Now that I'm in chastity and not allowed to cum I was eager to do it.

I'm not allowed to watch so I was waiting downstairs when she called me up. When I walked into the room wearing nothing but my tiny cage her boyfriend let out a huge laugh. He immediately apologized and said my wife had told him I was in chastity but he never imagined it would be so small.

My wife likes to verbally tease me about being locked up in my tiny cage and how she needs another man to take care of my husbandly duties in the bedroom. That first encounter is one she brings up quite often and each time I experience the embarrassment all over again.


Feb 28, 2022
Yesterday I was in the cage while her bull and her were naked in our pool. They told me i should b naked but I reminded my hotwife that I was in cage…..and she and bull smirked and he said, “”good, she’s mine not yours”
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