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  1. C

    I’m after ideas that increase my power over my cuck!

    Last night my cuck wanted attention. I offered him the smell of my pussy. I lay flat on my tummy and he pulled off my pants to sniff my pussy. This is should a good power play but I want some help from the bulls and cucks to find out what else I can do to drive him into submission.
  2. Kevboy1690

    Holiday Humiliation

    So me and my wife decided to book a little weekend trip to tenerife. Its a place we know well because but we often go there. Usually with family and kids etc so this is the first trip in a long time just the two of us. We're both in our mid to late 30s and have dedicated our last 16 years to...
  3. M

    Small penis humiliation

    I have a pathetic little micro maggot dick and want a group of ladies to laugh and humiliate me while I stand infront of them
  4. Avishek

    Here's my lovely wife Sakshi,

    My wife Sakshi, 32 years old, housewife, currently exploring without being owned by any particular bull, we are (specially her) exploring her many tabboo sexual fantasies, with our consent together
  5. BWChotwife

    Bored and horny, talk dirty to me.

    Bored and I want hubby to eat my pussy while you guys tell me what you would do to me. I will share pictures and read to him.
  6. ozaim1234

    any one want wifey pics share

    i like wifey nude pics share any one same here
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    doggie style cumshot
  8. Kris.rk

    Cuck hubbies post your small dick pic

    I think this thread would be interesting and unique.. Cuck hubbies or wife's can post their small dick pics here and lets see which one gets more likes ? What y'all think? I'll try and find mine to begin with..