1. C

    Have you ever willingly fucked someone who is in a relationship?

    This is something I have always been curious about, as I have only been on the other side of things. (Someone else fucking my girlfriend) How does it feel to fuck someone who is committed and faithful to someone else? Is it empowering? Do you regret it afterwards? Have you ever reached out to...
  2. M

    Is my gf cheating?

    These are nudes I found on her phone that were never sent to me, when I confronted her about it, she just said she didn’t like them so she never sent them to me, but she took A LOT and still has them saved. Please lmk your opinion on this everyone and enjoy the pics! (There is a lot more too)
  3. N

    Bi curious looking for fantasy

    Never tried anything with another man but I have had a 10” dildo in my ass and it felt great. If there are any bi-curious bulls on here that could give me a glimpse of the real deal I would love it.
  4. M

    BBC and Indian Hotwives?

    My wife who is indian and I were wondering if that's a thing? Like a fetish? I've been told that indian girls love BBC but does BBC love them back? lol. This is her. I changed the background in some pics so we don't give ourselves away. She's very submissive. We travel to Panama where...
  5. Yoyolilu

    Dildo play

    I’ve been playing with my wife’s dildo recently anytime I’m alone. I’ve worked up to her 8” dildo and it feels incredibly. I’m ve had my cock sucked my guys a few times but now i want to try and suck cock too. Not sure where this is coming from but i like it.
  6. M


  7. MullerHauss

    New Cucks / Cuck Wannabe ?

    Hi guys! I am interested in chatting with new cucks or cuck-wannabe. I am curious in what turns you on, what have you tried already or what would you like to try.
  8. Boudica

    Recently joined, About me (22) and my Gf (19).

    Supp, im Bo, 22 from Holland. I have a 19yr old Girlfriend. A while ago I got very interested and curious when I saw a post of someone sharing his wife with a Black Guy. Never really realized that BBC would be so much bigger and better, the insane satisfaction it seems to give girls. I...