Recently joined, About me (22) and my Gf (19).


Nov 18, 2018
Supp, im Bo, 22 from Holland. I have a 19yr old Girlfriend.

A while ago I got very interested and curious when I saw a post of someone sharing his wife with a Black Guy. Never really realized that BBC would be so much bigger and better, the insane satisfaction it seems to give girls.

I decided to buy a BBC dildo for my GF and I tried it 'secretly' on her (when she was drunk one night). At first she had a hard time taking it, but after a while she got very wet and slowly took it inside her pussy. I never saw her pussy so wet and creamy. I also never believed she could take it since its so much bigger ;0.

Ps; My Gf doesn't know about my crave to share her with a BBC, when I tried the Dildo's she was drunk and half passed out... Don't judge me on this, I couldn't resist... (Btw, I always keep her anonymous for the crowd, I respect hers and anybody others privacy.!)

Feel free to ask me anything about her or me, or us :) Ill be happy to share with you! ^^
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