new cuck

  1. S

    First step….

    Me and my wife are very new to this. I have had a fancy of her being with another guy while either i watch or she comes back with a used, stretched pussy. I have talked about it for quite a while with her and now she has allowed me to “accidentally” show nude photos of her to my friend...
  2. J

    Online Private Wife training

    Hi everyone. I'm interested in helping you guys train your wives. I have been doing this for awhile with high success rate. It doesn't have to be for sharing only. It about expanding and pushing her limits in all kinks including BDSM, public, bondage, humiliation, master slave and many other...
  3. H

    New to this…. Florence South Carolina

    Hey I’m new to this and I want to see how it goes
  4. X

    New to the fantasy. PM me here

    Hi, I've been lurking here a lot and decided to post. Need a buddy to talk me about the cuckold lifestyle and how my gf (who is innocent and shy) would react to sharing her. Would love to talk with y'all. Thanks.
  5. YoungPetiteSlut

    New Couple

    My girlfriend and I, both in our early 20s, are just getting into the lifestyle. We’re excited to meet likeminded people and to see what this lifestyle is all about!
  6. aminrezapoor

    New here + wife pic

    This is a new experience for us. Would love to know you all the good people here.
  7. Z

    NEW ASIAN CUCK looking for general advice

    Hey all, my wife and I are an Asian couple in our late 20s based in Shanghai, China. I didn't even know I had this desire in me until after marriage, but it's def a burning desire of mine right now to watch my wife orgasm on another man. I know everyone thinks of their wives as the most...
  8. C

    New here

    Anyone from Texas?
  9. M

    I'm new here

    I am new to the site.
  10. H

    Pakistani Hot Wife Transformation in Process

    Hi, So I have shared idea with my wife she is not fully aware about the life style so I am explaining slowly she is all ears. During sex when she is at peak she enjoys more. She is 36C 28 38 wheatish. Currently I cannot share a Pic but I might soon. I am looking for good chat ideas how to move...
  11. H

    Obsession: My Sexy Wife

    Hi, I am new to this life style and my wife knows little bit about my interest. I am too much obsessed with her sexuality she turns me on a lot the thought of her enjoying with someone who can give her good pleasure is amazing. She is very pretty and hopefully we will be exploring this life...
  12. MullerHauss

    New Cucks / Cuck Wannabe ?

    Hi guys! I am interested in chatting with new cucks or cuck-wannabe. I am curious in what turns you on, what have you tried already or what would you like to try.