1. Guess The Color Of Her Panties Before She Removes Her Skirt (Original Audio)

    Guess The Color Of Her Panties Before She Removes Her Skirt (Original Audio)

    This is the original audio of her dancing while 5 men in the room watch and cheer her on as I film it all.
  2. StripteaseLover

    Wife strips at party while several people watch and masturbate fantasy

    one of my ultimate fantasies involving my wife is to be at an all-adult party at someone’s house where there are about 20 people, most of them strangers. I'd be there with my wife (she’s 35 now, I’m 34) and at some point in the night she gets up on a large sturdy table and starts dancing and...
  3. B

    UPDATE: Getting to pick my wife's outfit for the work Christmas Party

    My wife and I have discussed the hotwife lifestyle on several occasions previously. She's never been directly opposed to the idea but never really suggested anything to do with it herself either. It is my work Christmas party this weekend. I work for a national company and the party is...
  4. up2 (6).jpg

    up2 (6).jpg

  5. up2 (5).jpg

    up2 (5).jpg

  6. Couple4MFM

    Finding Bulls for my Hotwife

    Over our years of involvement in the Lifestyle, we have found many different ways for my wife to find new bulls for her blissful enjoyment. We wanted to post a few of our successful methods and see if anyone else has something they want to share about what works or what has failed over the...
  7. btweets

    Best New Years Eve story and experience.

    Happy New Years Eve!! What are some of your favorite memories that you’ve experienced on New Years Eve over the years? Pictures and videos of the event appreciated. 🥳🤩🥳
  8. C


    Anybody got a party/orgy planned or knows of one?
  9. T

    Safford Party

    Cowboys!!! Lucky cowboy guess if I am on left or right? it was so cold. Put some jeans on and danced with a short cowboy, but he was buiilt
  10. S

    Wife from Germany

    Hi to everybody! We are from Germany, Berlin. Please be free to tribute my wife. Thanks a lot ;)
  11. FeteditMarty.jpg


  12. fishinthesea12

    Innocent situations turning...not so innocent

    I have a "thing" for women of all types being in situations which started innocently enough, but they get caught in the mood and things turn...not so innocent. Think bachelorette parties, birthdays, office get-togethers, massages, dances, bridal parties and even boudoir photo shoots getting a...
  13. MnA Landon


  14. Amateur group party

    Amateur group party

    Amateur group party
  15. group fun in the pool

    group fun in the pool

    group fun in the pool
  16. jackiest

    My girlfriend's after-wedding dress

    My girlfriend will soon be our future. After day, he wants to wear this outfit in the nightclub and have fun with his friends.
  17. Wild Amateur Orgy Ever

    Wild Amateur Orgy Ever

    Wild Amateur Orgy Ever