1. Zachuncut

    My little dick she cheats on

  2. P

    How common is it for a woman to know her partner's exact penis size?

    A post I just made in another thread got me thinking. I supplied my wife with my exact length and girth measurements (by measuring in front of her which was a great turn on for both of us). I get turned on thinking about her sharing with her friends. It got me to wondering how common it is for...
  3. sucking hubby's little dick

    sucking hubby's little dick

    He cums hardest when I tell him to make that little dick cum
  4. P

    For the first time wife admits I have a small cock

    Due to a number of factors, my wife's libido has been reduced somewhat of late (though improving in recent weeks). As a cuck fetishist I cannot help but put some blame on my medicore performance in the bedroom providing some sort of contribution to her waning desire. I've mentioned in...
  5. P

    More teasing from my wife

    A couple of little comments from my wife make me suspect that her original opinion (formed some 12 years ago when I was her second ever lover) that I was good in bed and had a big dick has changed. It was a cold evening recently and I was getting undressed for bed. I jokingly said "no don't...
  6. Phinchy23

    SPH & WNBR

    I've been told that I am to do at least one stage of the World Naked Bike Ride this year. Wife and her bull are going to drop me at the start venue ( one of the London ones) and will pick me up at the end. They intend to drop me early so everyone gets a good viewing, before the ride starts...
  7. P

    My elaborate MMF/cuckold fantasy

    So, my wife started her period 3 days ago and has been working early morning shifts thus Mr Wiggly has been on bread and water (3 days in the desert and all that). Anyway, having the bed to myself early in the morning as my mind wanders and my morning wood kicks in has meant that I haven't been...
  8. P

    Fucking my own hand in front of my wife

    Just a little bit of titillation regarding some play my wife and I indulged in the other night. She came home from work late and I'd done the cooking and putting the youngsters to bed. She had a shower leaving the ensuite door open so I could check her out while I lay on the bed. When she...
  9. P

    Gentle teasing about penis size from my wife

    We have this old phone at home that doesn't charge very well - you have to fiddle around with it when you insert the charger. We keep it by the bed to use for a white noise filter. So anyway, my wife is lying across my stomach plugging it in last night and while I'm stroking her butt she says...
  10. P

    Do big cocks last longer?

    I have a theory heavily influenced by my predilection for size humiliation. I refer to the below article which arouses me more than any porn - a women's magazine effectively saying size counts while providing a big cock user guide for their readers...
  11. Ilikebig

    Need other hot wives to help humiliate tiny dick husbands

    Come on girls. Let’s give these pathetic husbands what they deserve. To be made fun of. I’ll start. My husbands dick hasn’t grown since he was a child.
  12. Ilikebig

    Love to humiliate my husband to friends and family

    I love big cocks. All big cocks. However, my husband has a baby dick. The most enjoyment I get from it is humiliating it with my friends, my sisters, and my bulls and bulls wives. Love to discuss how exciting it is to humiliate him.
  13. Couple4MFM

    Question for BULLS: What do you think about a cuckold husband

    As a cuckold husband, my mind is filled with thoughts and ideas about each BULL or potential BULL we meet. But, the one question always on my mind is what does the BULL think or what are his feelings regarding me or the cuckold husband of the hotwife he is preparing to take? I am a submissive...
  14. IMG_5606.MOV


    My little dick trying to please her
  15. B

    Chances You are Her Biggest (or Smallest) Dick - Calculator

    What are the chances you have the biggest cock she's ever had? Put in your size and see your results: https://dickcalculator.netlify.app/ Thought this was an interesting tool that this forum might appreciate. After entering your measurements it shows you comparison to the average dick, world...
  16. efromv


  17. B

    Cucks, what is the size of your penis? [LENGTH -POLL]

    Curious about the size of cuckolds on this forum. What is the size (length) of your cock?
  18. B

    I want to cuck a guy with a micropenis

    Through many years as a bull with many couples nearly all the guys I've cuckolded were 4-5 inches. Although I don't have measurements on all the guys and this is an estimate, I don't think any cuck was smaller than 4 inches. Years ago, an ex gf described the guy she dated before me as being...
  19. Couple4MFM

    Why my husband will always be a Cuck - help me humiliate him

    Sometimes my husband will forget why I need other men to satisfy me. He is a wonderful man and treats me like a princess, but he has a tiny penis and continually needs to be reminded of his role and reason for being a cuck husband. Does anyone want to help me reinforce his role with me by...
  20. D

    Size for SPH

    Curious if guys who have average or slightly above average dicks are also into SPH? Of curse, a lot of women that see dicks that are the statistical average size are on the small side.


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