1. daytonwife99

    Can any women or bulls caption or photoshop my sissy panty pics? SPH also enjoyed.

    First name is Scott, if you want to make them more personal.
  2. E

    Size for SPH

    im I small? 😅 Rate my size please
  3. B

    Cucks, what is the size of your penis? [LENGTH -POLL]

    Curious about the size of cuckolds on this forum. What is the size (length) of your cock?
  4. B

    I want to cuck a guy with a micropenis

    Through many years as a bull with many couples nearly all the guys I've cuckolded were 4-5 inches. Although I don't have measurements on all the guys and this is an estimate, I don't think any cuck was smaller than 4 inches. Years ago, an ex gf described the guy she dated before me as being...
  5. Couple4MFM

    Why my husband will always be a Cuck - help me humiliate him

    Sometimes my husband will forget why I need other men to satisfy me. He is a wonderful man and treats me like a princess, but he has a tiny penis and continually needs to be reminded of his role and reason for being a cuck husband. Does anyone want to help me reinforce his role with me by...
  6. D

    Size for SPH

    Curious if guys who have average or slightly above average dicks are also into SPH? Of curse, a lot of women that see dicks that are the statistical average size are on the small side.
  7. N


    Hi, I’m new here. I’m 32 and my wife is 29. We’ve been married for almost 5 years. Ever since I can remember I’ve fantasized about being cheated on and humiliated. My biggest fetish is penis size humiliation. I remember as a 7th grader being pushed, naked into the hs girls locker room as part of...
  8. P

    Looking for a sexy friend to help with SPH for my husband

    I’m looking for a sexy female who likes to engage in SPH! Egg me on to make fun of my husbands small dick. I want someone who is engaging, detailed and honest! The more humiliation the better! Willing to use Kik or Snapchat but open to ideas.
  9. mahdiar97

    humiliating chat

    hey everyone Im so into being cuckolded and humiliated by hot girls. text me if u enjoy sexting about it btw Im not into anything related to money and tributes. just doing this to achieve our kinky sexuall fantasies together
  10. White5andahalf

    Small penis and Doggie Style.

    My wife has a big ass and I can't fuck her doggie style because I can't get pass her big ass cheeks to reach her pussy. This is so humiliating, because I big balls with plenty of sperm and can't fertilize her eggs. Phil C
  11. My little dick

    My little dick

  12. Fettinyfuck3.jpg


  13. White5andahalf

    Cuckold in Panties?

    Does your wife require you to wear panties? My wife makes me wear panties to show how small my 2.5" white penis is. Phil C
  14. T