Jun 6, 2015
Long Beach, CA
I am SexyLuv1 a 55 year black man have been in the lifestyle seems like forever. I started in my early twenties with my first wife as swingers we both enjoyed all the sex and excitement and adventure. We would sometimes run into new couples where the wife was afraid so I and my wife Fran would start to have sex in front of the couple just to watch their reaction.

We would start to kiss and fondle one other hands roaming all over each other, I would open her blouse and start to play with her great tits. Fran was a beautiful black woman with great breast and ass to die for about 5'8" 130 lbs of solid fuck me woman. By now the couple is squirming in their seats as I slowly take off Fran's top and bra and now sucking on her naked breast every once in a while we would look at the couple delighting in their discomfort knowing how hot we were making them as I licked and sucked down Fran's body.

I put my hand under her skirt and start to play with her pussy as she is kissing down my chest at twenty 24 I was in great shape 6' 180 lbs of male I will break my dick off in you body so we knew we were a good looking couple and of course we love to fuck. As I turned Fran's legs so the couple could watch me as I started to finger fuck her slow and easy Fran open her legs to give the couple a good view.

She unzipped my pants and pulled out my fat 8.5 inch dick and we watch as the couple squeezed each other, I then bunched Fran's skirt around her waist and removed her panties she in turn open the button on my paints so she could have full access to my dick I licked down her belly to the top of her hairy cunt by now she was moaning in pleasure and her juices were covering my fingers the smell of pussy was in the air, I got down between her legs and started to eat that hot wet pussy knowing we were putting on a show that was driving the other couple crazy with lust as Fran squirmed and moaned she grabbed my head and push her pussy hard against my face as she came one of many times that night. Fran push my paints to the floor and started to suck my dick like she couldn't get enough every once in a while she would pull it out of her mouth and hold it in her hand on display for our audience to see as I became hard as a rock I had Fran sit on my dick facing the other couple so that we could watch them as we fucked in front of them.

This became hot and heavy fast. I asked the husband to come stand in front of Fran he looked at his wife with terror in his eyes so I asked her if she would mind if my wife sucked her husband dick I told her that she didn't have to do anything but judging by the tent in his paints he didn't mind joining us she said a reluctant yes with that he came over stood in front of Fran and she unzipped him and pulled his dick out.

Fran took his throbbing dick and brought it to her lips I thought I was going to peel him off the ceiling once she closed her lips around it, there we were me fucking her pussy him in her mouth and his wife sitting all alone with her pussy on fire this was done on purpose she needed to learn what a hot wife was really about as her husband started to cum we all did as we came back to our senses, I asked the husband if he would like to fuck Fran a big grin cross3d his face until he looked his wife who had a hell no look on her face. So we dressed and left knowing tonight she want all that dick for her hot pussy. Just so you know they called us a day later and asked if we would fuck them of course we said yes and they became one of our best friends and I spent many hours fucking and sucking her hot wet pussy.

So that is how it began for me, Fran and I divorced after 14 years. I became a single black bull this is where my dilemma begins I enjoy watching my women being fucked by other men yes it's a turn on for me it gives me the opportunity to study her body and expressions of passion. One mistake woman make when they see men get hard when seeing other men fuck them is they think their men like it most of us do but some don't but men are visual that is why we get so tuned watching two women fucking. We might hate it but if we watch it we will get a hard on. With the couples I bull with most want me to be dominant which is easy because I am Others want a nice guy they can share the wife with. When I share I want a nice guy to fuck my woman I am allowing you to fuck the pussy I control the pussy not you.

The difference is when I bull I know it may sound ridiculous, but part of cuckolding is surrendering to a black bull – giving up control to a force of nature. When I fuck, I want to pound the pussy into complete submission, to fuck her like the married white slut she wants' to be, to make her come rather than helping her come. I want her to know that when I am fucking her I just own her body and can use it any way I want.” I am not borrowing a white wife for a bit of fun, I am taking her, fucking the hell out of her, and converting her into a black cock slut wife.

Over the course of many years I have had a few women who played with me as my woman and I shared everyone of them but most of the time I was a lone black bull. As single bull I have done many things I have fucked wives, girl friends, couples, and sissy cuckolds of course some of the men wanted to suck my dick OK by me. There was this one couple well let me just tell you.

When Mary walked out, she was much sexier than I had remembered her being in her photos. She was dressed in a pair of black laced panties with a matching bra. Her light brown hair hung down a little on one side of her face, which gave her that wild look. She had a small frame, but I found that sexy. The one thing that got me though was the look in her eyes. In her photos she had always gave off that sweet, girl next door look.

As she was walking towards me there was a look of hunger in her eyes.

"Hey stud" she smiled seductively as she walked towards me.

"My My My, he is nice isn't he?" she said as she started to circle me, looking me up and down, still maintaining that look of hunger.

I looked over at Henry and he was staring at us emotionless, almost staring through us. Kind of strange for a guy that wanted this. Mary continued to circle me and then she stopped behind me.

"Very muscular, very nice body!" I could feel her eyes on me. Then she slapped my ass through my jeans. "Tonight, this body is mine!"

I probably should have been offended, this bitch was treating me like I was a piece of meat that she had bought from the grocery store. It turned out just the opposite though, the way she treated me was turning me on. She wanted it bad and I wanted to give it to her! She walked around so that she was standing in front of me again.

"So baby, are you ready for me?" she gave me a twisted grin. Then she put her arms around my neck and started to kiss me. I felt a little awkward at first but then I started to get into it. Pushing my tongue into her wet, hot mouth. She ran her hands all over the back of my neck and head and she let out moans of pleasure as she sucked on my lower lip.

Then suddenly she backed away. "Slow down big boy" she smiled. "The night is still very young."

I looked back over at Henry, his blank stare was starting to rattle me. Mary quickly got my attention back though.

"So baby, let me see that hot fuckin body of yours!" she said as she started to unbutton my shirt.

I was starting to get really hot now. This girl was little miss innocent looking, and right now with me she was a total slut! After she unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off, she started to kiss my chest. Then slowly she ran her tongue down my chest and abs.

"God your body is rock hard baby!" she moaned.

"That isn't all that's rock hard right now baby!" I proclaimed.

I couldn't believe myself! Usually I am calm and laid back, but I found myself wanting to get nasty with this girl, wanting to see her slutty side.

"Oh yeah?" she smiled as she ran her hands down my hard body. Next thing I knew, she was reaching into my pants. "You got a nice big, black dick in here for me?"

My heart skipped as she said those words. A pure animal lust had taken control of me and I wanted to give it to this bitch like she had never had it before!

"Oh yeah baby, and it's all yours!" I answered.

She giggled as she grabbed my dick and squeezed. "Oh damn, that is big!" she said as her eyes widened.

She stood there with her hand in my pants, stroking my dick as she started to kiss me again. We both moaned louder this time. She stopped stroking me and started to slide my jeans off of me. We continued to kiss the whole time, but I could feel her hands on my bare ass cheeks as she slid my pants down. Soon I was totally naked and I wrapped my muscular arms around her tiny body. I started to unclasp her bra. I ran my hands down her milky, white frame until I got to her panties. She let out sighs of ecstasy as I slowly slid them down past her hips.

Pretty soon we were both totally nude. As I stood there embracing her, kissing the side of her neck, I thought about how good our bodies looked pressed up against each other and my erection got harder. She started to kiss her way down my chest and torso again, kissing my abs and then running her tongue across my navel. When she got to my lower torso, she kissed all around my dick, making sure that her mouth never touched it. She had me so hard I thought I was going to bust a nut right there.

She was down on her knees now staring up at my face. My huge dick blocked out a portion of her face from my view.

'Are you goanna make me your little white slut tonight baby?" the lust was evident in her voice and eyes.

"Oh yeah baby!" I moaned "you goanna be a bad girl for me?"

She flashed that devious grin again. "Oh baby, you just don't know how bad!"

With that she started kissing my inner thighs. From there she lifted my dick up in her hand and started to tongue my balls. Seeing my huge dark, balls in her mouth was almost too much for me as my dick throbbed in her hand. I could tell that she knew it too because she looked up at me with a half smile while she continued to lick me. I threw my head back and moaned, damn her tongue on my sack felt so good! I was in another world with pleasure when she started to suck on them. I screamed out for more and she started to suck on them harder.

After about five minutes of intense sucking, just when I thought that I couldn't take anymore, she put her hand on my abs and looked up at me.

"Lay back baby, I've got more for you." She whispered seductively.

I fell back on the bed, Mary just smiled as she held my dick in her hand. I happened to look over at Henry, he was just sitting there, the same blank, emotionless stare. I turned back to Mary, it was easy to forget about him when I had this beautiful girl getting ready to service my dick. First she stroked it a little bit, it was already as hard as it could be. She had gotten me up to my full eight and a half inches. Then, she started to plant little kisses on it, up and down as she moaned. Satisfied with the reaction that she got from me, she ran her tongue up and down the base of my dick before she finally took me in her mouth.

I screamed out in pleasure as she slid her wet mouth onto my dick. Watching her mouth stretch as she took my thick, black dick in was turning me on big-time! She moaned as she started to bob her head up and down, sliding her mouth back and forth on me. I could hear the slurping sound as she started to suck faster and more vigorously. She pulled her mouth off of me for a second and wiped a string of my precum from her lips.

"Oh god baby, you taste so good" she purred.

It was almost like she couldn't wait to get her mouth back onto my dick as she attacked it, sucking it even harder than before. I grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her hot little mouth. The moaning and slurping sounds got louder as I rammed my big dick in farther. She started to gag a little, and I tried to back off, but she grabbed my dick and took it into her mouth even deeper. This was without a doubt the nastiest little slut I had ever been with and I was loving every minute of it! I was totally at her mercy, I was quivering because what she was doing to my dick felt so damned good!

Finally I had to pull her off of my dick. "Hold on baby." I said through a heavy breath. "If you keep going I'm goanna cum!"

"Oh, well we don't want you to cum too soon" she smiled.

"Well, since you are enjoying this as much as I am I'll lead.
"Oh, I like that idea a lot!" her eyes widened and her smile got bigger.

I stood up and laid her petite frame down on the bed. I started to kiss her breasts, working my way down her torso. She moaned with pleasure as she begged me not to stop. As I tongued her navel, I rubbed her wet pussy with my finger. I slid one finger in and pulled it back out. I couldn't believe how wet she was. She was hissing with excitement as I licked her juices off of my finger. She squealed with lustful abandon once I stuck my finger inside of her and started to play with her clit.

"I wanna taste you baby" I licked my lips as I said the words.

"Oh yes baby, lick my little wet pussy!' she moaned under her breath.

I opened her legs wider and kissed her pussy lips. Once I slid my tongue into that wet slot, I thought she was going to go crazy. Her back arched up and she let out a yelp. She put her hand on the back of my head as she tried to get more of my tongue into her. She tasted so good, I loved having her juices in my mouth. From her reaction it seemed like she loved it too. Once I started to tongue her clit her voice went from moaning to screaming. I grabbed her hips as she wrapped her legs around my head and upper shoulders. She gyrated her hips and pushed her pussy into my face, as if she were riding a bucking bronco.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" she screamed. "That's so fucking good baby!"

The louder she screamed and the wetter she got, the more I wanted to please her. She got more and more intense with every lick on her sweet pussy. It was like a volcano was ready to explode inside of her as she gripped the sides of my head and screamed out for more. As good as her juices tasted, I knew she was about to cum soon and I didn't want her to yet. Oh no, my new little slut and I had a long way to go tonight.

As I stood up I think Mary understood what was next. She looked at me with that devious look that had been turning me on ever since I laid eyes on her.

"You wanna fuck my little tight pussy baby?"

I just smiled and stroked my cock over her, she knew the answer to that. I rubbed her wet pussy lips with my hand as I continued to stroke my big dick. She wanted it so bad she could taste it. What was even better was that I knew it. I wanted to tease this nasty little slut in front of me. I wanted her to want my dick more than she had ever wanted anything in her fucking life! She moaned and sucked on her finger as I continued to rub her wet pussy, sliding one finger in and out of her. Then I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"So you getting what you want baby?" I asked.

"Oh yeah baby, and then some!" she whispered in between pants.

"So you said that you wanted to be a nasty little bitch for me tonight. You feel like a nasty little bitch?" I asked, wanting to see just how freaky she would get with me.

"Oh my god yes!" she moaned. "I'm your fucking white whore tonight baby! Use me anyway you want!"

I gave her a smug grin and stood back up so that I was standing over her. Her legs were wide open and I could tell that she could wait no longer for my dick. I guided the head of my dick into her pussy and I had to stop it was so tight. Mary yelled out and screamed like she was going mad.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god it's big baby!"

I remember thinking that I had never had any girl that was this tight. I shoved my dick deeper into her and she threw her head back, arched her back, and shook like she was having spasms. As I slowly started to pump her, her screams had reached a new high. It took her awhile to adjust to my dick, but after awhile she put her hands on my ass cheeks and started to push up on my dick, trying to get more inside of her. I helped her out by ramming my dick into her harder and faster as she yelled out for more.

"That's it baby" she screamed. "Give me that big black dick nice and hard!"

Goddamn she turned me on so much! I slammed my dick into her as hard as I could as she yelled and thrashed around on the bed underneath of me. For a few seconds I thought she was having a convulsion. I started to grunt and pump her with every bit of might that I had. I thought I was going to throw my back out trying to get every inch of dick that I could inside of her. My flesh slapped against her as we rammed together.

"I'm gonna cum baby, ohhhhhh fuck yes!" she screamed as she threw her head back and dug her nails into my ass cheeks.

I could feel her muscles tighten as her wet pussy exploded all over my rock hard dick. She screamed and her body shook almost violently as she continued to orgasm. The sensation of her cumming on my dick, and the white hot intensity of the fucking that this girl had just put on me was too much for me to take, I pumped faster and my heart raced as my dick erupted inside of her. My body shook as I gyrated my hips faster and faster, releasing every bit of semen that I had into her tight, wet pussy. We both moaned with pleasure as we remained tense for a few seconds. It was the best orgasm that I ever had and I could tell that it was the same for her.

We both let out a laugh at the feeling of intense pleasure that we had just experienced together. Then we started to kiss again, she was so into me now that I could do whatever I wanted with her and she would love it. I looked over at Henry and he was still sitting there silently, it was almost like he was a corpse. I don't even think that Mary remembered that he was in the room. She was so into me as she kissed me that she had lost track of what was going on in the rest of the world. After what we had just experienced, her husband or nobody else mattered. It was like she had said from the beginning, tonight she was my slut and not Henry, not anybody could do anything about it!

After we kissed for a few minutes, Mary lowered her head down to my dick again. She started to lick all of the cum off of the head. She smiled like an insatiable she devil as she ran her tongue around the tip of my dick. Amazingly, I could see and feel myself getting hard again already. She continued to put just the head in her mouth and suck on it as my dick grew back to full length.

"Ohhhhh" she smiled. "I see you are ready for more of me baby!"

I laid back as she slowly climbed on top of me, kissing my chest and finally my mouth. I smiled at her as I held my stiff dick up in the air. She winced and let out a yelp as she slid her wet pussy down onto my dick. Oh she was so tight! Her pussy gripped my dick nice and tight as she slowly slid up and down. She rested her hands on my chest and I grabbed her ass cheeks as she started to bounce up and down faster. I pushed up into her harder and harder. I gritted my teeth as I slammed into her and she screamed louder for more.

"Slam that nice fat dick into me baby!"

Her body was so petite that it seemed like my huge dick was going to split her in half, but she bounced up and down with glee. She even slid her pussy all the way down on my dick and grinded on it. She was holding me down fucking me now.

"Your dick feels so good deep in my white pussy baby" she gritted her teeth as she said the words.

She was so fucking nasty! I knew if I let her take control that I wouldn't last long. I kept her small frame on my dick as I stood up with her. She bounced up and down on my long, black pole as we continued in a standing fuck. She had her arms around me kissing me as we both moaned with pure lust. I gripped her ass cheeks and took control of her as I pounded her pussy. Her grip tightened around my shoulders and she screamed out louder as I picked up the pace again. I grabbed her ass and pulled her down on my dick and held her there for a few seconds. Mary threw her head back and screamed with joy as eight and a half inches of black dick filled her pussy up.

I put her back down on the bed and withdrew from her.

"I want you from behind baby" I said.

She let out a gleeful "Oh yeah!" as she turned around and wiggled that small, but firm white ass in front of me. I started to smack her ass cheeks and she moaned each time that I did it. I left little red handprints behind and she rubbed them as she looked back at me and smiled. I slid my fat dick into that pretty white pussy as I grabbed her ass and she gripped onto the bed sheets. She put her head down and screamed like a woman going wild. Her pussy gripped my dick more intensely now. I felt this need to make her cum even harder than she had last time.

Mary gripped the sheets so hard that her hands were turning white. I leaned in close as I slammed into her pussy from behind. Gently I tugged on her hair and whispered into her ear.

"This is what you wanted isn't it bitch?" I growled. "This is what you were begging for!""

She moaned louder and she was so wet that it was unreal. This girl played the innocent role, but she loved it nasty and I was here to deliver!

"This big, black dick in your pussy worth it?" I continued.

She slammed her ass back into me and gritted her teeth. "Oh yeah baby!" she screamed. "Keep on fucking me! Slam that fuckin black dick into me!"

I grabbed her hips and pounded her tight little pussy as hard as I could. Her body jerked and she trashed across the bed like a wild stallion. She screamed and begged me for more. Her back arched and she almost pulled the sheets off the bed she was gripping them so hard. Her scream seemed to get caught in her throat before it finally came out.

"Fuuuuuuck, I'm gonna cum again baby!"

Her muscles tightened and she screamed like she was being murdered. The next thing I knew I could feel her hot, wet cum exploding all over my dick. I continued to slam into her as hard as I could. Mary was a sexual predator and I had wanted to cum when she did, but I had something special planned for her. As I rammed my dick into her and she screamed as she rested her head against the bed, I whispered in her ear again.

"I wanna cum in your mouth baby" I said. "Would you like that?"

"Oh fuck yeah baby, I wanna taste that hot cum!" she moaned.

I pulled out of her and stood up as she got down on her knees in front of me. She grabbed my dick and attacked it like it was the last one that she would ever have. She slid her hot mouth down on my dick and sucked on it at a blistering pace. Bobbing her head back in forth, Mary slurped on my dick and her eyes were just begging for more. I trusted my hips with every bob of her head. I wanted her to taste every inch of my hard, black dick and every last drop of my cum. She had an even wilder, cum hither look in her eyes and she pulled my dick out of her mouth long enough to make one last demand.

"Squirt your hot cum in my mouth baby!" she begged as she stroked my dick fast and hard.

Then she slid her mouth down and took in every inch of my dick. I was amazed that she could take it all in her mouth, but then she held it there for what was actually seconds, but seemed like minutes. I slapped my forehead and screamed out as the intense feeling of pleasure mounted. The wonderful sensation I was experiencing at that moment was more than I could take. I shook violently as I came in her mouth. I don't know how long the orgasm actually lasted, but it seemed like I unloaded buckets of cum into her willing mouth. I threw my head back, never experiencing any feeling like that in my life. Mary just kept her mouth clamped onto my dick as she sucked me deep and hard, swallowing every drop of my cum. The girl almost drove me crazy with her insatiable appetite.

As I started to regain my composure and I was aware of my surroundings again, I looked around the room. My mind was still clouded from the immense orgasm this girl had just given me, but what I saw was an image that will be stuck in my head as long as I live. Henry still sat in the corner, but his emotionless face was replaced by something different. I watched as he stood up with tears rolling down his cheeks. Right before he walked out the front door he said the words that I will never forget.

"Happy Birthday Mary." He said as his voice cracked.

After that he was gone. I looked down at Mary as she giggled manically. She was looking up at me and a long string of my cum trailed from my cock to her lips. I watched as she wrapped it around her finger and I finally understood. Mary was the one who wanted all of this, not Henry. He had arranged this meeting for her birthday and it had killed him to do it. This nasty, insatiable girl had a craving and her husband had made the ultimate sacrifice to help her satisfy it.

After Mary and I took our showers, we said our goodbyes. She thanked me for a great job and I thanked her for the best night of my life. I kissed her one last time for the road and then I walked out of the cabin. I saw Henry he was rich, successful, and he could have just about any woman that he wanted. His only problem was that the woman that he loved more than anything in the world was a slut for black cock.

My next girl friend was a beautiful blonde ex model from Texas blues and a body that will not quit. Baby was hot. I also shared her I told her that morning that today was the day she would be fucking another dick and I would walk her threw since this was her first time. After a couple of quite hours she came up to me without saying a word and took my hand and placed down her panties to show me how wet she was and said that it was the only thing she could think of all morning. Knowing how excited she was gave me an instant erection and I think I walked around with it the rest of the day.

After I got home that afternoon we got ready and drove the 50 miles to meet Sam. We went to a bar across the street from the motel to join him for a couple of drinks with no definite commitment of doing anything else from us to him. Julie was going to do as I say so I would be making that call.

After a few drinks we all relaxed and I could tell that Julie was enjoying his company and was even feeling Sam up as was Sam to her. I then decided this had to go further.

On my suggestion Julie did not hesitate to agree to go to the room. Once there the two of them exchanged a few kisses while I rubbed Julie's neck and shoulders from behind. When they finished and I slowly undid her blouse and pulled it away exposing her breasts and hard nipples. Wasting not a moment, I took her left breast into my mouth and I invited Sam to take the other.

With both our mouths and tongues working on breasts, her knees began to buckle so I helped her to the bed and things quickly progressed from there.

We both took turns eating and licking her already drenched pussy. First I while Sam got undressed and then Sam took a turn while I got undressed. As Sam approached the bed I could see and Julie could definitely see that he was a good bit larger than I am. From what he had told me earlier about 10 1/2 inches and very thick compared to my 8 1/2 inches.

I watched as Julie's gaze fixed on his dick when he got back on the bed with us. It did not take her hand long to find his dick. I thought I was going to explode right then and there to see my innocent new girl friend hold another man's engorged dick in her hand and stroke it and fondle it.

Eventually, after quite a bit of tit sucking and pussy licking she voraciously devoured his dick, working up and down his thick shaft with her lips and tongue. He had to beg her to slow down because he wanted to last longer. When she told Sam that she wanted that gorgeous dick in her and she wanted him to, and I quote, "fuck me with that dick," I lost it. I shot my cum all over the place and I had not even touched myself. I so enjoy introducing the new women in my life to this lifestyle and have them fuck for my pleasure.

I stood back in amazement as he effortlessly slid the whole length of his dick in her in one slow thrust. Just as his balls were touching her ass she winced with a little pain but she encouraged him not to stop. He did not. In just a few strokes he was pounding my beautiful girl friend's pussy with his thick hard dick.

As I watched I noticed that my dick had never lost its erection. I was too excited by what I was witnessing. After fucking her for a few minutes he asked me to take her for a while. When I entered her I could feel the heat from his dick still there and the fact that her pussy had stretched to accommodate his girth. I shot a second load this time inside her.

As soon as I pulled out of her she had him on the bed and was on top of him riding his dick like there was no tomorrow.

After he had filled her pussy with cum twice and she had her 6 or 8 orgasms. We all laid around naked for a while with Julie's hand on his dick the entire time.

Later when Julie and I got home that night we screwed each other several times throughout the night. It was a way of life for me and fantasy cum true for her.

As I stated I am now 55 years old and still a single blk bull I am still looking for new girl friend to bring into the lifestyle hotwives and couples to help make their fantasy come true.

My biggest turn on is when a husband get's a room for his wife and I and leaves us to do what we do and we send him photos and vids all night knowing he is jacking off to me pleasing his wife.

So you must ask yourself is this guy a cuckold or a bull me I say I am just a freaky MF and leave it at that.