Jul 20, 2022
Her husband said she has really been acting up and needed to be taught a lesson so I put her in her place and now she’s a good little submissive slut… does your wife need to be put in her place? message me View attachment 1585222
as ive posted before My wife has always had a thing about a older guy putting her in her place and taking her panties down and giving her a smacked bare bum and a good groping and fingering ,she had been threatened with a spanking by a few older guys and id spanked her in front of other people a couple of times before and its happened a few times over the years since
but this was the first time with a guy id known for years but my wife had never met until that night
He had a almost clerical air about him ,not cruel but firm and caring so i thought he'd be the perfect guy to start the ball rolling and take charge of her , so i engineered a visit for him to make her fantasies reality,
we called him "the Reverend" lol

It was great to see him take control and within in minutes of meeting her tell her off and have her agree to be bare arsed across his knee and having her bum smacked and her fanny groped and fingered initially under the pretense of checking for wetness, to no one's surprise it was lol ,
All for her own good of course lol

He later gave her a light caning and creamed her arse and fanny for her and as you can see in the posted video she was a good girl for him did as she was told and took to it well and the playful connection between them and her enjoyment is plain to see ,he made her cum many times while over his knee , and it was a great introduction for her and he was interested in having her work some of the spanking parties he was considering starting up ,

here she is put in her place for her first of many times
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