Elaine's First Time

Mar 5, 2018
Elaine married her high school sweetheart when she was 18 and had dated him since 15. She said they only had oral sex. Today that seems tame, but in the 60s the sexual revolution was just beginning. After graduating from college she became a grade school teacher and she and hubby bought a small house. He had a job as a salesman for a brick company and they thought all was blissful. Soon divorced, but remained friends. I had gone to university and did a lot of wild partying with lots of girls. I married after graduating and divorced 9 years later. When I started having feelings for Elaine I told myself I was not going to marry until I was sure we were sexually compatible. Elaine had had two relationships before we hooked up, but had led a relatively straight sex life. She was great in bed, but had never done two men before. She said she never even thought of it. I was the one pushing the issue and it took over a year to make it happen, Once she realized I was not going to be jealous she opened up and became more willing to do most of the things I asked. As I look back at the past 30 years I was the one always pushing the limits and she slowly loosened up and let me lead the way. Ask anything, no matter how personal. She was using an IUD and as AIDS did not exist she let guys go bareback in the beginning. We quickly started using condoms as we became more daring with the men we choose. She would usually let a man climax where ever he wanted. Had a great ability to swallow while keeping your cock in her mouth after you shot off. I encouraged her to go braless and wear revealing clothes. Hard to believe by the time she was in her 50 she would flash her pussy in public when the mood was right. One of my fetishes is lingerie, suspenders and hose and she willingly obliged me with many different outfits over the years. I thought I would make a post sometime of all the sexy clothes she wore for sex but am afraid it would get too large
Here is one of the first photos she let me take topless. She was 29. Second one she is probably 50 and not shy at all318557318558