Finally... Dear Wife got her high school crush


Dec 13, 2015
The wife and I talked a lot about the people she use to go to school with back in the UK. Especially now that she has reconnected with a lot of them on facebook. She always talked about the guys and girls she had a crush on back in school but who she thought did not know she even existed.

Two weeks ago an old school friend of my wife who grew up with and went to school in the same small English village and who she had a serious crush on in her teenage years told her he was passing through New York City on his way back to the UK and would love to meet up with her so they could catch up on old times. She was very happy at the idea of seeing him again and asked if I mind if she met up with him for dinner when he was in town.

I knew she wanted him, she told me that much many times and I knew she often wondered what if and what it would be like if they had gotten together in high school. So I told her it was not a problem and that I wanted her to meet up with him and have fun because we only have one life to live and best to live it without wondering.

The evening came when my wife got all dressed up, I even helped her to select the outfit, something sexy and tempting that showed off her 38DD boobs. She wanted to look good for him and I wanted her to seduce him. During their dinner she texted me a couple times just to check in and let me know everything was OK.

After dinner she called to say that she was having a wonderful time talking about the good old days and chatting about the other people they went to school with and asked if it was OK for her to go out for drinks afterwards, to which I said fine. Later she text to let me know that things were getting a little interesting. That he also had a crush on her back in school but was too shy to do anything about. Later she texted that they were getting close and if it was OK if she snogged him. I told her there was no limits to what she wanted to do and that she should have fun. By that time my imagination was running wild, picturing her in various positions.

I knew she wanted to make up for lost times and I wanted her to have fun and make up for lost times. I love it when she gets wet for other people, it really turns me on. The phone rang about 1 am in the morning and it was my wife asking if she could go back to his hotel room, to which I said yes.

I did not see my dear wife again until about 10 am in the morning, she was tired because they had fucked the entire night trying to make up for all those lost years. She said they took a nap and then fucked some more in the morning before it was time for him to leave for the airport and head back to England.

Since then my wife has been in a constant state of “hornyness” trying to relive the experience through me. She described in detail the various positions he had her and what both she and he did to each other. She showed me the size of his dick and told me it felt good inside her. She got especially horny when he called the house and he and I chat on phone about her and how we both loved fucking her.

My dear wife is heading home to England in a couple weeks to visit family and for a small school reunion in the old village and both he and I have made arrangements for my wife to spend the night with him after the party. Since then she has been Victoria Secret shopping.
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Aug 26, 2017
Very hot! My wife had her first penetrating sex encounter with her high-school ex about seven years ago, at her reunion. I had a business conflict, and she attended the event without me.

During her relationship with him, they engaged in heavy petting and making out, mutual oral sex, and mutual masturbation, but never penetrating sex - she was not using birth control, and was afraid of becoming pregnant. The closest they came was a technique often known as "outercourse," in which she allowed her boyfriend to rub his cock against her pussy, but did not allow him to penetrate her.

She's been seeing her ex at least a couple of times a year since, at the reunion, and when they're able to arrange an encounter during his business travels. She's done multi-night overnight solos with him, met him in Vegas and Tahoe a couple of times, and he's visited our home. I even walked in on them (undetected) once when he was on a lay-over in our city.

We just concluded a long road, sex-focused road trip, for which the main purpose was the two of them connecting at her reunion. It didn't go exactly as planned, but the outcome was almost better than what was intended.

I've been gifted with participation twice in the reunion hook-ups - they are mind blowing, sexy and intimate beyond description. Watching the two of them together is very, very erotic. The intimacy and sensuality they share is fascinating.
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Nov 30, 2015
My wife and I started our journey to my being a cuckold by having a old boyfriend give her a proper screwing.Its worked out very well and would not have it any other way.