Aug 13, 2017
Looking for Threesome / Cuckold seeking Indian or Expat Couples

I am Looking For:

Hi !

-I am interested in Open Minded couples,laid back and non-judgmental couples who have reached certain phase in their life where they are comfortable with their marital relationship and want to try other new spices of life(3some/voyeurism/seducing/flirting/role play/cuckolding )

- Internet is a good way to communicate at first and then we get comfortable move to voice chat and exchanging phone numbers,everything is about trust and understanding first

Description :

- I am 5'11' tall
- Fair in complexion
- Black hairs
- Black eyes
- Physically and mentally fit guy,as a pilot we have to go thru rigrous medical test every year

- Travels alot withing India,almost every state

- I likes to keep myself clean and maintain personal hygiene

- I am into sports from childhood days,trained cricketer and a swimmer,lead the college teams and played in university levels as well

- I like volleyball as well,watching movies,going for bowling sometimes and trying out food at different places are my hobbies

- I am a Rajput

Our fantasies and/or real experiences:

- I am a single and straight guy
- If you fantasy watching your wife/partner getting fucked in front of you .. where wud you love to watch her getting fucked?

1) in your bed
2) in his bed
3) in a lodge/hotel room
3) in your living room .. with a xxx porn running on the TV
4) on the dining table, while u sit in a chair and watch it up close
5) in the kitchen, making her bend over the kitchen table
6) in the bath
7) in the open terrace while u keep watch
8) in the car back seat while u drive around or parked.
9) in a lonely beach ..on the sand
10) in a private swimming pool, in the water
11) in a deserted movie theater .. in the last rows
12) in a forest, amidst the nature .. while u keep watch
13) in the train, in a 1st class

- You can tell me your preferences other then this even

What else we'd like to say, do, see, hear about and/or learn:

- I would like to have 2 way communication with equal intrests and keeping things clear from first,without having doubt in mind,so we can enjoy things tension free

mail -
skype - raymond.renne
whatsapp - +91 8962960108