How to get in a role of bi submissive cuckold, being a strong willed stubborn male

Jan 21, 2017
Hello everyone, I have a question.
Last summer I met a girl through internet,who was interested in cuckold/hotwife relationship.
She was into it for long time with former boyfriend, who used to find her lovers, and watch them have her, while in chastity device himself.
So, she asked me am I submissive and bi, and will I wear a chastity device only she would have the key of.
Although I had some experience with a bi couple, I am mostly a straight guy who just wants to spend few hot nights in a mountain resort having a lot of sex with a pretty girl.
Nevertheless, I wanted her, so I did not respond negatively, we met and had wonderful one on one sex.Very classical, anal etc.
That repeated several times,and we spent a holiday together.She appeared to be a wonderful person and very close to me in real life, I could think of spending with more then just occasional sex dates. However, I noticed that she is getting bored.
I see that she needs more, and I would love to provide for her,whatever she wants.
What to do?
How to proceed?
She would probably sleep with anyone..yes, in one moment all that - other men, cuckold, bi, chastity device, is maybe too much for me.
I decided to try to meet a cuckold/hotwife couple as a bull, and see how this role exactly look like.And then reverse roles.
Any advice?Thank you so much!
Jan 21, 2017
Dear Lynn, thank you so much.Well,somehow,and based on my nature, I developed towards her kind of alpha male protective hardcore hetero relationship. (it is very basic picture of myself, but not the only one- I can get things done,I never get tired,I run 24/7 go through walls etc etc)
I feel embarrassed to open this new side of myself in front of her, and I am afraid she will not take me seriously.
She definitely had a huge cuckold-style experience,and in her add she says she will always love one man but sleep with whom she wish sometimes,till she is alive.
She says she slept with men uncomfortable to her,if her loved one wanted it,sometimes (as a play) for cash, and with several (up to three) while the guy watched in chastity device and licked their sperm off her.Also ,that she is very jealous and would never let her man sleep with other women.
But I feel it is more of a theatrical show for her, then wish to humiliate her man,and as she is quite amazing person, i would do anything for her.Just I am so inexperienced!
Thank you! Jean
Nov 8, 2016
My hubby is very much alpha,he's 6 ft 1 195 lbs,no one would think he would have little o me fucking his ass with a strap on or having me sit on his face and release cum from my pussy or ass I go his mouth while he cleaned my pussy,that's the beauty of it,learn to release your cuck feelings its really AWESOME and has made our relationship strong.we have been married for 32 years and together for 34.Lynn
Jan 21, 2017
Dear Lynn, thank you so much for sharing that with me, I really appreciate it.Yes, i do have such feelings,and for such woman,I would do anything.
Yet, I am somehow afraid to talk to her about it: at the very beginning of our relationship, or more,acquaintance,last summer,we talked very openly about it. But,at that point, I expected a one night stand, and could not care less.
Since, we became much closer as persons, but,strangely, our conversations went away from anything sex-like to ordinary life, ideas, etc (where we have so many common things) and I do not know how to return to sex and fantasies!
Recently I noticed that she is again active on the site where we met (uploaded a new photo,and the one she took after our meeting in a hotel to send me!)
I wrote her there that it is a great pic and that I would like to continue our adult conversations,yet I am more shy now as before I did not care..she did not respond at all..
Thanks God we both live in Russia,and she doesn`t speak one word of English, so I feel really free to ask and write.Thank you!
Jan 21, 2017
Thank you, Lynn.I have no idea how my situation is going to develop so I might need an advice at some point.I believe that we may 1/not meet again if she decided so,even if she said we will,and took my scarf to return it to me later
2/meet and I continue to pretend we are simply having sex dates without any addition
3/meet have sex and then talk seriously and make her understand I can give her more of what she needs.
Indeed, it is impossible to be involved un cuckold/hotwife lifestyle with a person you barely know and only want to have sex with.Only after I felt something about her. And i wanted to be involved seriously with her,so i found and re-red our summer i am interested in her not just her body
Thank you!