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Feb 25, 2019
At my age it is unusual for me to say I encountered something new, but even I can be surprised by what fate may throw at us.
For the record, I am a Cougar, a consummate cougar and I love it. Youth when accompanied by enthusiasm and with luck some skills and imagination is what keeps me feeling young and satisfied, but a couple of weeks ago I began a path I had not previously tread.
This kid contacted me on Tinder, he claimed to be twenty two years old which is at the lower limit of what I search for, but to his credit he is tall, handsome and ripped.
We traded some information on Tinder and he sounded very interested in meeting so as I will often do I invited him to shift to an app where we could share some photos and later video-chat. The conversation was fluid and he came across as experienced and interested in an older female when I found that he had recently broke up with his high school sweetheart. Eventually the exchange shifted to more sexual matters, I sent him some body shots and he reciprocated, but we didn’t go as far as trading intimate photos until we video chatted, he told me he was aroused and I coaxed him into showing me what I had done to him. It was a very pleasant sight, not only he was large but he did stand like a tent pole. This was Friday and we made plans to meet the next day, I would spend the night in Austin where he goes to college.
I am driving north towards the city and I called to give him an ETA when he blurted that he needed to tell me something important.
I figured it wouldn’t amount to much and I almost choked when he told me he was a virgin. I latter found out that he was “saving himself” for the love of his life, but once she broke up the relationship he decided to find someone who would not require an emotional commitment and that someone was me.
At this point however I was considering a 180 degree turn but hell I had blocked out the weekend, payed for the hotel room and had no plan B.
We met at a dinner, sat, had a light snack and I had a couple of glasses of wine and held his hands while he poured out his story. I felt bad for him and threw all caution to the wind and asked him to follow me to my hotel.
I asked him to wait a few minutes, on one hand I wanted to get ready and on the other give him a chance to bolt should he change his mind. I won’t bother you with the details but I had worn some pretty underwear and when I went to pee I found that I was soaking them through.
He knocked on the door and then stood there unsure of himself, I literally had to drag him inside and sat him on the couch.
I had mentally rehearsed what I was going to do so I told him to be still and began to kiss him and lean into him. I must confess he was a virgin but he must of done a lot of making out, because he turned out to be a good kisser.
I had him stand and unbuttoned his shirt and pants, laughing inside at the way he blushed as I lowered his pants and shorts. He was impressive, not only the size but the way his cock stood towards the ceiling and curved towards and almost reaching his belly button.
“don’t move “ I told him when he made an attempt to undress me. “I will do it, you watch!”
I began to peel off what little I was wearing, I watched his eyes brighten when my breasts came free. I knew there would be another hurdle, this kid had never been seen a naked woman close up and I assumed much less one with pubic hair.
“I want you to see me, all of me. I want you close as you do it” I said as I sat on the bed across from him and removed my panties.
The look on his eyes as my thighs parted was priceless, so I said to him
“do you like what you see” as I presented him with a swollen, wet, throbbing hairy pussy.
I thought he would die.
“Come here!” I ordered, “you should know that the best way to please a woman is to kiss her intimately” and I watched as he rose, came towards me and dropped to his knees between my thighs. He was a born pleaser, I had to guide him, to ask him not to bite as much as nuzzle, lick and kiss and soon rewarded him by cumming very hard and giving him a taste of my juices.
I knew he was dying so I decided to take him out of his misery, I asked him to lie down and poised myself above his cock. I placed a pillow under his head so he could better watch as I knelt there. He was soo stiff that I needed one hand to pull his cock downward and place it at my entrance. I began to tease him, to just allow the tip in and then lower myself so he would feel my walls engulf him but soon I realized he would not last, so I plunger down taking him to the hilt and began to work my kegels on him, milking hin foe what he was worth. He lost it, he began to moan and groan and I responded by moving more forcefully, riding the entire length of his shaft till he exploded and filled me with what felt like a cup of warm cum.
Well I will skip the details about the rest of the evening except that I abused his body till Sunday morning and then some more.
Well now the part of the story I wanted to get to just begins!
I did not want to pressure him, so I waited for his next move and as I hoped, Monday morning he was asking for a replay and I was more than happy to comply.
Come next Saturday I have him in our guest house, I was pleased that he was willing to make the two hour drive to be with me and now we were way past the preliminaries. I had figured, and wrongfully so, that because he was interested in older women he would respond to the mommy card, but when I said something about pleasing his mommy he was un impressed, so I dropped the subject.
I was looking for buttons to push and as we talked on one occasion, he mentioned that his family had a horse farm and he was familiar with horses. I case you are not familiar, do a Google search for “winking” in the context of equine reproduction and you will find this: vulvar winking. uncontrolled movement of the vulva in a mare on heat. Usually accompanied by protrusion of the clitoris.
There is a position that I love during sex so I took this into consideration, I knelt on the bed with my knees spread, my chest against the mattress, both hands gripping the sheets. I knew I was swollen, open, wet and swollen, so I turned to him and said
“Mount me like a mare in heat! Breed me!
I misjudged the effect these words would have. He went ape, he knelt behind me and swiftly had driven himself all the way in, his had cock hitting the back wall of my vagina and spreading folds seldom felt.
He took the stallion thing a bit too far, he had me hanging literally from his cock all evening, I don’t remember fucking in any other position, he would flood me, rest a while, slap my ass into assuming the position and take me again.
He must have cum five times and I ten times that, and by the time he kissed me goodbye and told me he would be back my pussy was a war zone. He left me gaping, reddened, swollen and sore, my husband hardly got in a few laps! And I am here in bed, happy and feeling sorry for myself