new here, true story of how wife and I got together


May 18, 2016
This is the true story of how my wife and I got together. Feel free to ask question's cause I'm sure I will forget stuff. My wife and I grew up in the same town its not real big about 10,000 people give or take. I have known her for along time her brother and I are friends from childhood. She is a very pretty Hispanic girl. So growing up I wanted her from young on. But being older I got out of school and moved away for a few years. When I moved back home I would see her from time to time at her job and stuff and all was normal, she always had a boyfriend. I started fucking this married girl (her name is rachel) I met thru my future wife (wife name kourtney) older sister, her husband traveled alot for work about 2 weeks out of the month. At first it was just awesome sex, but the more we hung out the more she would let me in on the dirtier side of some of the girls in town. Sometimes when I went to rachel's house to fuck her one of her friend would be over there fucking a guy.
From time to time rachel would hook me up with her friends most where either married or had a boy friend. I don't know about others but nothing like fucking a pussy that is claimed by someone else. But I also loved going over when one of her friends was fucking even if I didn't get to watch at all I love hearing them, plus getting to see the girl after the guy leaves and they have that I just got fucked look. Then you see these girls out with their family's and stuff and you know what a slut they are getting extra dick.
I didn't know rachel and kourtney where friends and she didn't know I had always wanted to fuck her. It never came up cause unless I fucked a friend of hers or was over when they where fucking it is not talked about. One night I go over and I hear a girl getting pounded on. I wanted to look in and she let me crack the door but all I could see was a quick look and it was a ass sliding up and down on a really wet cock. Rachel had me close the door and we went and made out and petted real heavy in her living room. The couch we where sitting on is up against the wall that it shares with the bedroom where they were fucking. When they where done the guy comes out and says bye to rachel. This guy was nothing special I knew him was considered kind of a low life really but from my quick look he had a good size dick. After he left rachel asked me if I wanted to go see her friend, cause she knew I loved seeing a girl right after being fucked. Love seeing their pussy gaped open a little and all wet. She says this is one of her best friends so she will be ok with me seeing her nude. When we go in I couldn't believe that it was kourtney that was laying on the bed on her back spread eagle. Her fat little mexican pussy swelled up from just being fucked and leaking cum out. I just stood there starring at her not believing that it was her I was looking at. She looked so beautiful laying there, her pussy was gaped open just a little bit and her lips red and swelled some from the pounding I got to listen to. You could see the light from the open door glistening off the layer of sex perspiration that covered her beautiful body. The light also glistened off her soaking wet pussy that was covered in hers and the guys cum. I also noticed the huge wet spot on the sheets from where she was riding that dick. Come to find out she is the wettest girl I have ever been with. Now just standing starring at her not knowing what to say or do, I'm still obviously hard from playing with Rachel and listening to Kourtney being pounded. Kourtney didn't know what to say either she just smiled and looked back at me, it seemed like forever I was just standing there. Then Rachel asked if we knew each other and Kourtney said yes for like ever. Then Rachel gave me a small push in the back and said go real quitely, with that Kourtney smiled even more and spread her legs a little more, then ran her hand down her pussy and slide a finger in which made the best wet sound ever. I was shaking with excitement still not knowing what to do, Rachel pushed me to her on the bed, and with that Kourtney kissed me pulling down next to her. Rachel came in and turned a lamp on that was in the corner, that was even better cause now I could really see everything. I lay there kissing Kourtney, sucking each other's tongue. But I was still nervous and Rachel could tell she was sitting on the edge of the bed and took my hand and put it on her soaking wet pussy. This is the first time I've ever felt a pussy after someone else fucked it and the first time to touch another's guy cum. It was a different feeling but one that made my dick harder. I started to kiss down Kourtney's neck and moved to her awesome perky tits her nipples were rock hard as I sucked them. I'm not bi at all but I knew I was not only tasting her sex sweat off her but another guy's as well plus you know he had been sucking on those tits to. The whole time I kept my finger in her came in pussy, and since it had just had a pretty good size cock in it, and was well lubed up with her sweet juice and a good size load I was able to push in another finger. I licked from one titty down her chest to the other getting a nice pool of sweat in between them. There was just something about the taste of the mixed sex sweat that made keep going. I licked down her stomach to her belly button to the soft spot at the top of her shave mound. Like I said I'm not bi and I stopped there and went back to kiss her. When Rachel who had been sitting there the whole time said taste her pussy, I was right by her swelled pussy and it looked so nice and wet but I knew some of that was the guys cum I was fingering out of Kourtney. So as I moved back to kiss Kourtney right as I get there Rachel pulls my face up and tongues me. While Rachel is sucking my face off, Kourtney pulls my fingers out of her pussy and sucks them clean. Then Rachel pushes my face back to Kourtney and she locks me into a kiss and pushes her tongue into my mouth. It was the craziest taste her sweet juice and a dude that I thought of as a losers nut. But something about the moment and the fact I was so horny from being with the girl I have wanted since we where kids. I kept sucking her tongue, when we broke the kiss her and Rachel had the biggest smiles. I set up looking at Kourtney laying there, I reached down and started to rub her wet pussy again. I leaned over and kissed Rachel and she whispered to me, taste her. With that I moved between Kourtney's legs which she spread wide happily. There I was face level with a fresh fucked creampied pussy from another guy.

I'll write some more when I can. If you anyone would like me to
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Allen Amboy

May 28, 2017
Hot story. Love to hear more. Most guys don't know how sweet it is eating cum from a freshly fucked pussy. You don't have to be gay or bi to eat a man's cum from a woman's pussy.