What was the biggest dick your wife has had?

Jul 23, 2020
Wife admitted one of her boyfriends long ago before we were married was the biggest she had ever had at about 7” but it was the girth that she loved the most. Said her fingers didn’t come close to touching when she squeezed it and once on and riding him didn’t want to ever get off. She circled her fingers to give me an idea and I just about fainted due to the blood rushing to my dick at the thought of her taking someone that thick.
Nov 1, 2020
Frisco, TX
My hubs is a strong 7" with some girth. Before we met, I dated a guy that was 8" but had such girth that it almost hurt to fuck him. The only way that was enjoyable was me straddling his cock and sliding up and down on it like a catcher in baseball. Definitely got my glutes and ham/quads work out for a few months!
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Dec 26, 2017
Jan 8, 2022
She had a couple of really big (also black) ones, but a couple of years she was fucking with a guy who was so huge, she first thought she’d never fit him. At the end he even destroyed her contraceptive ring and filled her totally unprotected.
Anally he could go balls deep.


Apr 26, 2022
She had her biggest one the other night at 8". And they had sex multiple times and she's kinda walking gently. Might be a while before I get any.


Mar 16, 2021
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
I don't know but I photograph just about all of them with her. I know this is the biggest but I don't know how big it is. Maybe one of you dick experts can weigh in and make a guess. : ) We could have a guess the size contest.

So from her perspective how big is it? TOO FUCKING BIG. She has a small tight pussy. He went slow and easy at first but eventually buried to the hilt and every position known to man. It felt good at the time BUT she was sore for a few weeks and apparently her uterus was bumped. Now every time we meet a new guy she is worried that his dick will be too big. She has had a couple that were this diameter but not as long. They weren't a problem.



May 17, 2021
Scotland, UK
Biggest is 11 inches and she saw him a number of times . Average thickness but he was never that attentive to her needs and sh got bored with him . He still calls her regularly but she meets him rarely now .
Her ideal cock would be 9 and very thick .
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Dec 7, 2021
One of the guys my wife was fucking before we got together was 8.75” She laid a ruler on top of it to measure. He was 25 and shot huge loads
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Feb 11, 2021
The first time that we did it it was totally random. We were at the hotel bar just talking to the guy next to us who happened to be a black guy. We were all having some drinks and somehow the idea that he was going to come hang out in our room with us. We had all pretty much knew what was going to happen so he said he was going to go to his room to get a condom and then meet us at our room. We had never done this before and didn't really know what to do so I just waiting for him to knock on the door it was only a few minutes. And I just answered the door totally naked. We got into it right away within seconds his dick was in my mouth. It was so hot but unfortunately he finished pretty quick so I didn't even cum but it was still super hot anyway. And then I gave my boyfriend the sloppy seconds after he left lol


May 26, 2017
I have a friend who is just over 14inches and as thick as a can of pop. I have taken 7 inches orally the whole thing in my pussy and about half in my ass.
We met at a gangbang I hosted when he was nice enough to wait to be last and then pulled out is monster. I just about said no but he immediately stuffed my mouth and used it and my pussy leaving a load in each.
Husband had to help me walk to the car after but I made sure he got my number before he left.
Now we hook up once every couple weeks where I am his for the night and he and occasionally his friends use me like the Hotwife slut I am.
you're a bbc hot slut definitely.Fucking turned me on really hot reading your threads😍😍
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May 14, 2022
My wife had a guy with a solid 9 inches of meat. She measured it. When she met the guy he warned her that he was big. And that he had a problem with women taking it. As most would cry it was so big. It was thick too, When he came over to the house even I was shocked. It was indeed the biggest she was going to try and fuck. She added some extra lube to her pussy and some on his cock and she let him slide it in slowly. Before she knew it, his meat was all the way in. My wife was moaning and squealing while he fucked her. She came without using a vibrator on her clit. She said to let her know when he was going to cum. She wanted the load on her face. When he hopped off she jacked him off and he covered my wife's pretty face with hot cum. He said my wife was the best fuck he ever had. He got to come back about 10 more times. But I learned to wait a while till she had recovered from fucking him. That first time I tried fucking her right after he left, my cock felt like I was trying to fuck an open window. She was so stretched out to fuck.