Would you watch or join


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Dec 1, 2021
Portland OR
Which would you want to do???
I would want you to be a complete surprise for my BBW wife. I would want you to see us at our hotel bar and for you to eye fuck her for at least an hour while we are drinking, getting her super wet and ready.

I would leave a key card on the bar as we went to our room for the night. In the room, I would have her in this position with her fat ass facing the door:


She would hear the door open as I am shoving my tongue as deep in her wet pussy as I could. As she says, “What the hell,” I would wrap my arms around her thick waste and hold her tight, as you grab her fat ass and tell her to, “take a really deep breath my cum dumpster slut!”

With one strong stroke you would bury you thick cockhead firmly against her cervix and hold her tight as she tries to pull away from the intense feeling of being stretched beyond what she thought possible.

I would try my best to lick her clit and stretched wet hole as your big balls are pressed against them. I would watch in awe as you pull your cock slowly inch by inch out of her dripping wet pussy and then start hate fucking her sore sorry pussy until she squirts all over my face over and over again.

After you cum deep inside her, you pull out and your slimy cock accidentally slides across my face. You tell me to clean out your cum dumpster slut’s cunt as you push her fat ass down on my face.

You then move around to my wife’s face and tell her to clean your huge cock as you and her both comment on how much bigger and better your cock is!

You sit my wife in a hot bath and stand above her and drape your now softened but still huge cock and balls over her face and tell me to take a picture of your cum dumpster and her new owner’s cock: