first time advice

  1. 2CuriososMX

    A sexy surprise and incitation… from wife to hot wife.

    We are a married couple; we have been together for 12 years. For starters before knowing her I used to hang around with some swinger couples always as a single, loved to see the couple enjoy the threesome with me, back in those days I was fit and in good shape. I met her, we started to date...
  2. M

    Need advice for first time hotwife

    Boyfriend is very into being a cuck. He wants to start with me just chatting with bulls online. I've tried it once but I'm very socially awkward and never really know what to say or how to go about talking to them. I know he wants me to basically sext with them while he watches. Of course I'm...
  3. M

    Hi , we are mary and kll, we are new here

    This is my wife Mary , she wants to know what you think about her
  4. M

    Does she want hotwife lifestyle

    Hi everyone...I'm 30, and my fiance is 26. I have massive desire to see her with other guy. I proposed her few times to try something but she refused anything cause she loves me too much and she thinks that Im testing we never tried anything about that. After few months not mentioning...
  5. Y

    Gf not into it, but I want to convince her to dirty talk about fucking other guys

    Hi, gf and I are both 21. I’ve been interested in this thing for a while don’t think I’m ready for the real thing but I really enjoy hearing any stories about nights out where she’s been flirted with and there was even a scenario where she was out for her bday with me when a male friend was all...
  6. H

    Hi! Happy to find this community.

    Hi! I’m excited to join this community as my wife just agreed to be shared with other men. Specifically she agreed to blow another man while I watch. It’s a first-step for us. Just thinking about it makes me horny! Any tips for a newbie cuckold? I want to take things slow with my wife and...
  7. L

    GF struggling to take first step

    Just need some help/advice on how to progress with the current situation. Myself (30M) and my partner (27F) have discussed threesomes/cuckold/hotwife stuff for years. We both get turned on at the idea of another guy joining us whether I just watch or I join in. My partner very clearly wants...
  8. N

    I cucked for the first time last friday. After YEARS OF PROCRASTINATION

    After YEARS of putting it off. I shared my wife for the first time with a Black man (or anyone for that matter) this past Friday. I t was something that I wrestled with for a very long time. Then this past Friday we took the plunge. It started about a year ago when I brought it up to her in...
  9. C

    Need Advice HW boundries

    Recently my wife and I have entered the Hotwife space. She chose a distant professional friend of husband who is married and super sexy. After a few months of sexting back and forth they finally met up. The wife made a day trip (2 days ago) by flying to him at a nearby airport and spending...
  10. V

    How do you deal with regret? And how can you be sure you're a cuck?

    Last Sunday, I let my girlfriend of two years go out with a complete stranger she just met on Tinder that morning. They had sex that afternoon. There was already too much sexual tension going between me and my girlfriend for weeks leading to that event. A few days before Sunday, she was already...
  11. C

    Whats the definition?

    Hi This seems like the right forum to ask my question... Im a married man, with a wife who's also my dominatrix. We've been playing with cuckold fantasy-play in the bedroom for quite some time, but with a twist. My wife is bi-sexual, and she (and I of cause) really likes the idea of her being...
  12. M

    Advice Wanted - Almost There

    Hi I'm a 50yo mwm who has long had a cuckold fantasy. My wife and I have been married for over 10 years. I first shared this fantasy with her 5 years ago. I haven't pressured her about all about it, she knows it is something I want for her and we have discussed it on and off of the past 5 years...
  13. H

    Need help getting my wife blacked

    So I really want to get my wife blacked but she’s super conservative and I don’t want to bring anything like this up because it’ll just freak her out. I want to slowly get her interested in black cock subliminally. For example I’m trying to find a porn site where it’s just 80% black cock without...
  14. WantHerUsed

    Advice? How to make my girlfriend take that first step?

    Hey everyone. I've enjoyed my first couple of days lurking and making a few posts here and then. Was fun letting others see my girlfriend outside of a chat room for once. You can see her here if you're curious At this point, I'm...
  15. S

    Saving relationship

    So, we was in relationships 5 year. For 5 years my boyfriend was talking about his fantasies time to time. I was scared to cross this line but letting him talk about it, pretending that someone is coming, texting and sending my photos to another mans. About 6 months ago he broke up with me. He...
  16. P

    Cuckold fantasy

    It’s been a couple of years since I started to have this fantasy about my wife fucking other men. It all started slowly by asking her to dirty talk during sex. In the last two years or so, while fucking, she seems to enjoy being called a slut and a whore. She also seems to get extra wet when she...
  17. Husband

    Going to Hedo. Who has a story?

    Who's been to Hedo? We are going for the first time and would like to hear your story.
  18. Miss dixie

    Advice needed by hot wifing couple

    For the last year my partner of 17 years has confided in me of his hot wifing fantasy. He very much likes the idea of watching a man fuck me. I won't lie, at first I was a little taken aback but over the year we have spoken about it loads, bought role play into the bedroom and the idea has...