1. S

    How To Ensure The Most Intense Orgasm In A No Touching Solo Tease?

    This is a question for the guys and girls. Imagine you're masturbating to your sexual partner (real or hypothetical). Your sexual partner cannot touch you and you cannot touch them. Their goal is to make you cum as hard as possible. What would they need to do to make you have a super intense...
  2. C

    Am I a cuck?

    Always been curious about this, so I thought I would make this my first post. If you stay in a relationship that has dealt with infidelity in the past (and you are aware of it) does it make you an unintentional cuck? Thanks!
  3. L

    Proper ass slap

    I like to have a good ass slap while being fucked. Theres a very few how try to slap it to hard and the back off if I ask them to. I like a nice ass slap with the palm of the bulls hand preferably as he is going balls deep. What I cannot stand are men who so gently hit my ass with their...
  4. L

    Do you like your girl using friends as bull?

    Into the hotwife lifestyle kink as a stag and see a lot of posts on here or on reddit/online talking about people with the same kink enjoying their girl hooking up with a best friend/friend/co-worker etc. I think its crazy hot when my girl hooks up with a stranger from a dating app or so, but I...
  5. Wimbawip

    What do you think?

    Im new to this whole thing and Im just curious what people thought of me and if I looked like a potential bull for any ladies out there. Photo for reference.
  6. T

    cuckold joi

    Any suggestions for joi cuckold porn where the word 'cuck' or 'cuckold' being told a lot?
  7. chad

    How did you convince your wife to meet her first lover?

    Hello, how exactly did you encourage your wife to meet her lover for the first time?
  8. T

    Should I let her take control of this?

    So a VERY interesting situation has blown up after simply bringing up threesome fantasies to my girlfriend, we have been in talks about finding another bigger guy. The thing is that my girlfriend wants to be alone for the first few times she fucks the other guy, but it doesn't stop there...