Finally fulfilled Wife BWC fantasy


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Apr 2, 2016
my wife Marie and I are an interracial couple in our early thirties. She's a lovely petite Latina and I'm black. Yeah I know you hardly ever hear of a black man having a Hotwife. Well here is one. One night while talking about our sexual fantasies I told my wife that my fantasy is to watch her with another man. Marie told me her fantasy was to have great sex with a nice young white guy. She said she had sex with a white guy in college and it was the worst sex she ever had in her life. So she wanted to try it again. It took a long time but I finally convinced Marie that I was ok with her living out her sexual fantasy. Of course I wanted to witness her but Marie didn't think she would feel comfortable with me watching. Our compromise was to have her videotape her sexcapades with another man.

Marie first date was with a very handsome fitness instructor. He look like he could be a fitness model. The only problem was he had the smallest cock ever. He got on top of my wife and pumped for all he was worth. Marie did the most fake "oohs" and "aahs" she could muster until he was finish. She said he was worse than the college white guy. I tried not to laugh but that was too funny.

The next young white she went out with bragged a lot about how good he was in bed. When my wife and the young guy got in the hotel room the young guy wasn't able to perform. He had an emotional breakdown. He told Marie about the bad breakup with his girlfriend. He apologize for wasting her time. I had a thirty minute video of my wife, in her lingerie, counseling him about his old girlfriend. What a fucking waste of our time.

The next guy she met was this big burly college football player. He had to be about 6'6" and over 300 lbs. I thought he was going to crush my wife. Marie and big boy did a lot of foreplay. Big boy got on top of my wife and started going fast and hard. Marie must've got him to excited because big boy could only last a few seconds before he bust. Another 20 seconds he could've been a minuteman. Well me and my wife couldn't help but laugh at our bad luck. At least we tried.

Marie is vocal and multi-orgasmic. I want to see someone make her have one of her over the top, leg shaking, body convulsing orgasms. I was starting to think that maybe there wasn't a white man that could make her orgasm the way she do with me. I know it was stupid but after 4 straight white duds I couldn't help it. I was starting to worry that Marie had given up on her fantasy.

It took almost a year before Marie went out with another white guy. She had come home after a hard week at work. She was about to go to bed when she got a text from a guy, name Brad, asking her if she want to go out with him. She turned him down. She told me he was a bartender at a club and he always gave her and her friends free drinks. He had a great sense of humor and always made her laugh but she was not attracted to him. Marie like tall, fit guys. Brad was only a little taller than her. He wasn't fat but you could tell he never been in gym before. I told her she should go out with him because she need a break. Marie told me there wasn't a chance in hell she would do something with him. Marie changed her mind and agreed to go out with Brad. I convinced her to take the camera with her just in case. She told me I was wasting my time.

Maria would call to let me know where she was at and what time to expect her home. She said she was having a good time and that Brad was a great guy. He had her laughing a lot and she needed that. I asked if there was a possibility she would be hooking up with Brad. Maria said "Hell No!" I was kinda let down, but this is her fantasy too. I want to see her have sex, but with someone she really want to do it with. Brad is not our guy. i had to be to work early in the morning so I went to sleep expecting Marie to be home before I woke up. When I woke up I noticed Maria wasn't home. I got worried and immediately called my wife. When she answered the phone I asked, "Where the hell are you "? She whispered, "What do you think? I'm having sex." I thought she was joking and started to get into an argument with her until I heard the bed making noise. I asked "With who?" Maria whispered, "Brad." I ask her to let me listen. She reluctantly put the phone down and I could barely hear anything. After 3 minutes she picked up the phone and said they were finished and she would be home soon. 3 MINUTES? Oh well...I guess little funny boy didn't work out either. When Maria came home she gave me the videocamera and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I asked her how was it and she just said " it was okay". It sound like another dud to me.

I started watching the video and watched as this young, long hair guy start kissing my wife and undressing her. Brad looked more like one of those stay at home with momma losers. Marie definitely was out of his league. I wonder what he said to get her in bed. Brad took off her panties and went down on her. He fingered and lick her pussy at the same time. She was getting louder and louder. After about a minute of that my wife had one of her body trembling orgasm.The look on Brad's face was awesome. I'm pretty sure he never seen a lady climax like that. While my wife was calming down Brad got undressed. I could tell by the look on Maria face she was surprise at the size of Brad's cock. It look like the little, funny guy is packing some serious serious meat. Brad cock wasn't as long as mine, but it had a lot of girth. Marie was worried that she might not be able to handle him. Then I remember they only had sex for a few minutes. So I fast forward till I saw him getting on top of her. The camera was at a perfect angle for me to see him slowly slide his fat cock into her. Brad kept it slow and sensual for a few minutes. Brad stopped briefly to put her legs on his shoulder. He then started pounding her a little harder. I could see my wifes toes curling as she started moaning. Within a minute Maria was having one of her patented, over the top, leg shaking, body quivering orgasm. His big cock must really be filling her up because I never seen her cum that fast.

Whenever My wife cum she make me stop screwing her so she can catch her breathe and let her intense orgasm subside. Brad don't know this rule and he's not letting up on her. He continued to bang her while she was cumming. Brad starts trying to kiss her while he still has her leg on his shoulder. So now Marie ankles are by her nose. Maria couldn't kiss him, because she is screaming in extacy. I think Brad was trying to kiss her to shut her up. Then he grabbed her ankles and pushes them down by her ear hole. Something I thought was damn near impossible for her to do. If it's possible to be pissed, happy, jealous and turned on at the same time? I am.

Brad finally stop to let Marie catch her breath. When she calm down Brad started fucking her while he's standing on the side of bed and she is on all fours. Brad started pulling her hair long black hair as he banged her from behind. Marie don't like it when I pull her hair so I knew she was going to tell him not to do it. Maria couldn't get the words out all she did was let out a guttural groan every time he thrusts himself into her. Brad had Marie facing looking the camera as he relentlessly fucked her. My beautiful wife face was all contorted as she looked into the camera. I couldn't tell if she was in pain or pleasure by the look on her face. The sexy noise she was making let me know she was having pure pleasure.

Marie collapsed onto the bed as Brad gave her another big orgasm. She was on her stomach with both hands covering her quivering pussy. Brad had turned my beautiful wife into a wet, sweaty, squirming mess. Now thats what we call 'beatin the pussy up'. Loser Brad had made my beautiful latina wife tapout. Her beautiful black hair was matted to her red sweaty face. Her mascara was smudged and her lipstick smeared across her face. When Brad wanted to get back started Maria held out both hands to Brad as if she's trying to say "I've had enough". She signaled 'timeout' to him. All she kept saying over and is "wait...wait..Oh my God".

Maria really underestimated this guy. Brad got her on all four and went to town on her again. He had her facing the camera as he fucked her. Maria is having one orgasm after another. Brad had his hands on her shoulder and thrusting into her as hard as he can. Brad has total control of my wife. He's making her orgasm at his will. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face up toward the camera. He said "tell your husband you love me fucking you". Maria didn't hesitate she immediately said it over and over."I love you fucking me". Brad flashed a smile at the camera as he pushed her head into the mattress. For the next 10 minutes he screwed her as hard as humanly possible. And it seem like Marie was screaming the whole time. Everytime Marie had an orgasm Brad looked into the camera with a devilish grin. It look like I had my fantasies fulfilled by the short, young, white guy. Brad turn her over and puts her legs on his shoulder. This time his strokes are slow and deep. He was kissing her when her phone rang. That was when i called her.

My wife walks out of the shower and I say to her. "I thought you said he was OK"? She said, "He was." I said, "Well if that was OK, I can't wait to see someone who is great with you". She said "Well look in the mirror". Thanks babe. I love my wife?
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