Our second play date with our new Bull

Clean Up Boy

Aug 21, 2020
*Please look up my name Clean Up Boy to read about our first playdate!
Our second play date had arrived. Our new young hung Bull arrived on time as usually, clean, smelling good, and more relaxed now. We started again with drinks and chat to get the mood going while watching a MILF movie. Not that the wife is a MILF as we never had children making her pussy super tight. Even at 58 yrs young my wife is a petite with heart shaped ass any teen girl would envy and pretty feet to boot. When she dresses up wearing nice sandals, painted toes, the anklet, and toe rings I get hard! Anyway, after a bit I as the cuck go up making sure again that everything is perfect in the guest room for my cougar Hot Wife and her boy toy. Then return and suggest they go have some fun again. As usual I follow up minutes later to my perch at the top of the steps dick in hand and peeking around the door jamb to see them in the usual passionate embrace kissing madly while groping each others sexy bodies as he moves her like a dance partner to the edge of the bed removing clothing where he lowers her onto the bed. They continue that way until he decides he want to eat her sweet shaved pussy that is already wet from anticipation. His first tongue lick I can see her wriggle and moan. This young man loves to eat cougar pussy as he told me at his interview and later my Wife said he is very talented with his tongue! After a good while he foregoes the blow job and wants to get to fucking my sweet little wife like an animal. He has his pants and briefs off in a flash! She reminds him to lube as she is so tight and he is so big. I am jerking my cock so bad at this point. As he positions again in the missionary she reminds him to go slow until he has stretched her out enough to go faster and deeper. Eventually she is moaning so much and he is driving that 22 year old cock to the back wall as she even sais you hit rock bottom and they both laugh. Well I loose it and shoot once again in my hand and eat the sweet salty load wishing it were his! I cannot wait till she orders me in to clean up and fluff his cock while they make out! He asks her if she wants to start trying new positions. She sais yes! She gets on top and taking his big cock in her small hand proceeds to insert it in her hungry pussy. I watch it sink in slowly then of they go grinding and fucking. He then decides he is going to fuck her dog style and flips her around and this time pushes that cock right in grabbing her hips and fucking her hard. Then he pushes her flat onto the bed and with his legs on the outside of hers slides that grand cock back in the pussy that is now his on demand. I could never fuck her this way or even get the head in as I am only about 6 inches long. I am hard as a rock again! He continues to fuck her for a while this way. He eventually rolls off and she immediately starts sucking his cock but she is not big on tasting pussy juice so she asks him if I can come in to clean suck his cock for a bit also as my reward for being a good boy. He sais ok. I waste no time appearing with a smile and as I climb on the bed he lies back as she looks at me with a anry grin knowing I was trained as a young teen by another couple to do this and love it. She holds her lovers cock at the base and after I get it good and clean we suck it together for a bit and I even suck/lick his cum filled balls and sack. He is moaning in delight and swearing at this point watching a husband and wife worship and suck his worthy cock together. She then gives me his cock to continue sucking his cock deep in my mouth as they make out kissing again as she rubs him all over. After a bit they want to fuck some more as she wants his big hot load deep in her pussy. He wastes no time back in the missionary position then grabbing her ankles lifting her legs straight then her feet on each side of her head! WOW did not know she would bend that much! She loves it moaning and with that sexy voice tells him he can dump that hot load deep in her pussy. He squints and starts bucking as he starts to cum. She tells me later she could feel his cock pumping and pulsing as the hot cock juice was injected into her. They fall together to rest before he has to dress to leave as he can only steal away for short times being attached himself. Again he thanks both of us for a great night as I walk him to the door. We both smile being satisfied with our cougar. Now we wait till he has some spare time to steal away again to our bed.