The urge for dick


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May 22, 2020
immediately felt all the veins , the natural warmth radiating from it, the throbbing, you can feel that , and it’s just natural to put just enough sucking action and to hold it like your mouth is a vagina . Become an oral fuck receptacle, and feel another persons heart through their cock and the taste of dick and cum are awesome.
More men are discovering what nearly all females experience. Our mouths routinely serve a pussy function when men want something quick and less messy. We taste and feel the cock in our mouths, our tongues feel the shaft's taste and texture, and we savor the semen that results.
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Dec 10, 2019
This is a very common fantasy within a cuckold relationship. It usually stems from the desire to be humiliated in front of the female partner, but also to satisfy a latent desire/curiosity to enjoy another man's cock
This is a very common fantasy in cuckold relationships because the cuckold is neither nor male nor female to some degree, but rather neutral. The woman and the man have sex while the cuckold is looking for a role for herself to get involved. This role includes both female and male acts. Naturally, husband has a desire to suck dick. When I licked the first batch of sperm from my wife, I knew right away that there would be no more limits for me. I haven’t sucked cock yet, but I will if I get the chance.
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