The Wine Bar Encounter, part two


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Feb 25, 2019
I am not in the mood for young chicks, I need a woman, a real woman And I think I found one.
I hit the lotto too I thought to myself, this young, good looking and eager guy. I am going to make the best of this.
I saw his eyes drift from my face to my belly, it felt good, my belly lurched, I slowly parted my thighs and exposed myself to him fully.
We became quiet, all that could be heard was our breathing.
I ran my hand up his thigh towards his groin, I wanted to feel his balls, to feel the skin rippling under my touch. As I made contact I felt his cock twitch, then slowly begin to grow. I yearned to look at what earlier had felt so rewarding inside me.
We continued to explore, I grasped him and felt him grow, felt him begin to throb, felt him get firm, then hard. He had inched up between my thighs and was gently rubbing them,
Your skin feels so soft he said but his eyes were fixed elsewhere,
I know I was swollen, I know my pussy was rhythmically contracting, I know she was beckoning.
His scrotum was rippling, it felt so good under my hands. I began to lick him, long slow licks from his balls to his glans. I blew air softly on the underside, I very gently nibbled, I am so proud of how hard I was making him.
Should I make him cum in my mouth?, would I not rather feel that inside me? I had already gone against my principles, he had spilled himself inside me, I might as well enjoy it once more.
He lifted, pushed me on my back, said " my turn" and began to lick my thighs and work upward.
I spread my thighs, felt his hands open me.
I knew what he was seeing, Paul tells me that when I am aroused I turn into a wet, swollen, inviting pink funnel, and aroused I was.
I want you he groaned and began to nuzzle me,
Wait, wait I whispered, do it this way!
I asked him to roll on his back and knelt above him, knees on each side of his face and my pussy poised inches from his mouth. I wanted him to see me as I lowered myself, I wanted him to taste the string of wetness that was hanging from my lips, I wanted to hover just above his tongue so he could tease me and I wanted to be able to grind myself against his face when I began to cum.
Tease me he did, he was good, he had me whimpering in no time and soon after I held his hair as I ground down and began to cum in his mouth.
When my spasms subsided, I rolled of to the side to catch my breath but the sight was disturbing. His cock was rigid, the head tight and shiny. The vein were full and it moved to his heartbeat. It looked good, really good. He was long, but even better he was thick and i was about to enjoy it, slowly and for as long as possible this time.
I moved down still over him, my breasts swaying against his chest, leaned over and began to kiss his mouth as I felt his cock insinuate between my pussy lips. I began to rotate slowly and move up and down very little as to allow him to feel my warmth but denying him entrance.
I have great pelvic muscle control and used it to grasp and tease his cockhead, I love the way he would grimace and try to push himself inside, but, I could only tease him so far, I wanted him deep inside me as much as he did.
I became still, straightened my back, looked him in the eyes, and while maintaining eye contact opened widely and dropped onto his cock, driving it I felt, to my navel.
We moved, we touched, I leaned back and made him watch as I withdrew, pulling my lips out with him and plunging back once more. I was wet, very, very wet and that made my pussy noisy, very very noisy.
We enjoyed the sounds, sights and smells of fucking and he further boosted my ego by telling me over and over that this was the most intense experience he remembers.
I have learned a lot in the thirty-five years since I gave up my cherry and I planned to use every trick I knew to make this unforgettable. By the time I got finished with him I would have him begging for replays. I know, my pussy can be addictive.
I moved slowly, I moved fast, I milked his tip, I drew him into my depth, I kept it up till he began to groan, then suddenly he pushed me off, rolled me on my back, pushed my knees against my chest and impaled me against the mattress. He groaned, made all kinds of guttural sounds and lastly screamed, God he screamed, loud enough for me to worry about the guests.
He had me pinned while he pumped and pumped and emptied himself in my womb while I simultaneously exploded, my pussy contracting to his spurts, drawing his cum deep inside me, feeling the tension in my pelvis subsiding and that sublime feeling of having been fucked so well.
We fell into a heap, limbs crossed, catching our breaths, then held, cuddled and began to talk softly.
I have something to confess, he said " I consider myself experienced but I had never had such intense sex before"
I rolled my eyes thinking, Wow, I am glad I impressed this guy, but instead said "you are so sweet, you just want to flatter me."
"No! I am serious, this was an awesome experience! I would really like to see you again.
I knew I had pulled every trick in my armamentarium to impress him, and it worked.
well In my opinion you are handsome, have a beautiful body, an amazing cock and you know how to use it, you should have chicks throwing themselves at you, but if you want more of me it will be under my conditions.
"Which are? " he asked
"I set the time and place, next time you are on break from the rig text me, if I am in the mood we will set something up. What is your cell phone number?"
As I entered the number I continued...
"Remember me as Pistil, as in the core of a flower, and now you must leave, it has been a delightful evening"
He got out of bed, dressed, kissed me on the lips and thanked me once more, as I lifted I felt a trickle of cum run out so I squeezed my thighs together and thought "I have plans for that!"
As I felt the door close I lunged towards my phone and speed dialed you
"Where are you" I asked"I am at the bar downstairs, It's about time, did you have fun?"