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Feb 25, 2019
Lying in bed, chatting with my husband, I confessed that as much fun as it is to meet other couples, I miss the feeling of being pursued, of being wanted, to be seduced. Online hookups just don’t fill those needs.
We decided to seek a chance encounter and the only venue we thought might lend itself to this would be some kind of singles bar. I did a Google search for “hookup bars in Houston” and found a list of ten places that fit that description and after checking out their web pages settled on three that seemed to cater to those other than the college crowd. One of them was located in a well-known boutique hotel so we made room reservations for an overnight on Friday.
My husband is a consummate voyeur, so the idea was to go to a bar or two, for us to enter and sit separately, wait and see if someone approaches me while he watches things unfold.
We left work early and drove to Houston, on the way we began to discuss possible scenarios. We immersed ourselves in all kind of fantasies, the trip seemed to fly by.
At last we arrived, we checked in, went up to our room and began to prepare. I indulged in a long hot shower until my skin was pink and glowing, Paul toweled me down and laid me on the bed, he handed me a mirror and took out a trimmer and became to detail me. He likes muy bush and tells me that a beautiful painting deserves a pretty frame, he trimmed the edges and then my outer lips as to make me more visible and accessible. When he was done he asked me to look, and yes, I looked inviting.
He then proceeded to dab a little musk on my neck, my breasts and the inside of my thighs, creating what he describes as an olfactory path to follow.
I carefully chose my make up and clothing as to look sexy and appealing without looking overdone or out of place. Light make up, string of pearls and matching earrings; a black wraparound little dress and black four inch heels. To clinch it I chose a brand new pair of lacy panties and matching bra I had bought in Madrid earlier this year. I was ready!
We first hit a well-known wine bar for happy hour, we figured it might be a good place to meet a single guy and if not successful, we would go to the hotel bar and try our luck there.
I was a bit apprehensive, I had never done this, so on our way to Houston I had insisted that we keep in touch over our cell phones and made up some safe-words and code-words to use if in doubt or in any scary situation.
The time had come, I walked through the door, cased the place out and chose a place at the bar where I could both watch and be seen. Paul walked in a few minutes later and found a seat strategically placed to keep an eye on me.
Time went by, there were a lot of young people, most looked like college age and certainly not what I was looking for. A couple of guys approached me and began to make small talk but they were not the type that I go for, not at all. Actually, the most interesting person to approach me was a really beautiful woman, we chatted for a while but once I was convinced she was hitting on me I let her know that I am straight .
I was ready to call it a night, made signs to Paul and signaled that I was going to the bathroom, as I headed there I found the door blocked by a young, tall, really attractive guy. He faced me, got very close, bent his head down and whispered,
“I have been watching you, I know you are alone and also that you have turned away a couple of guys and a good looking woman. May I interest you in having a drink?”
He was tall, piercing eyes and a beautiful smile. He grasped my arm and pulled me even closer, his grip felt strong, it felt good. My face must have given up what I was thinking because he turned me, pushed me towards the bathroom, nudged me inside as I felt him come in behind me and latch the door.
Oh my God, what is going on, I felt him press himself into my back and breathe into my neck, I could feel his hardness pressing into the small of my back.
He whispered, “think about it, I will be at the bar” then turned and walked out.
I was left there, my knees shaking, not knowing what to make of this,
should I leave?,
should I call 911?
When I sat to pee my questions were answered because when I went to dry myself I found that I was all sticky. I touched myself and I was also swollen and throbbing. How could that happen in 15 seconds, my pussy was overwhelming my brain and erasing all common sense.
I walked out, heading towards the bar, the guy was sitting next to my stool, I saw Paul stand as if we were leaving, I gave him a sign to wait and dropped myself back in my seat.
There was a moment silence, he looked at me questioningly.
I couldn’t help myself, I turned, grasped his forearm and nodded.
Talk about non verbal consents!
I felt his eyes burn through my clothes, and I was barely able to mouth "Hotel ZaZa".
I found that he had paid my tab, he took me by the elbow and walked me towards the curb.
We will have to take your car he said, I came by taxi , and as we walked towards it I saw Paul exit the bar and stand at the curb.
The drive was excruciating, this was so impulsive, things were moving way to fast, I needed to talk to this guy, I wanted to know more about him, but my will had dissolved and I was being steered by a need to put out the fire in my belly. During the entire route he spoke to me in a low, husky voice, he was very flattering, did not hide what he had in mind for me and was good at pushing my right buttons. As he spoke he kneaded my thigh, then began to move his hand up my thighs, not stopping until his hand was against my sopping wet panties. He then moved his fingers to his lips, licked them and looked at me with a sly grin.
The valets must have freaked out, I literally threw the car keys at them and we ran hand in hand up the steps. The elevator was full, the ascent seem to take forever but we were soon rushing down the hall like teenagers.
Shaking I opened the door, we tumbled in out of control, he pushed me against the wall, lifted my skirt and before I knew it my panties were off, he had me skewered against the wall, my thighs around his waist, pumping desperately. I was over the edge, I began to have a series of small orgasms that precede the big release, I know I was flowing, he suddenly stopped, pushed in deeply and said, “your warm juices are running down my balls and that is going to make me cum”, he grimaced, spasmed and began to empty himself inside me,
The condoms, were where the condoms? Cried my brain while my vagina hungrily milked every drop out of him.
We stumbled towards the bed, fell in a heap and collected our breaths, then slowly removed our clothes and wrapped ourselves together.
Sorry, he said, I couldn't control myself, I will make it up to you.
Don't be silly, I answered, that was awesome, I feel like I died and went to heaven.
We began to explore each other, looking, touching, smelling, nibbling.
Somehow we ended up at each others feet, I looked up at his thighs, they were strong and well formed, his belly, his chest, This guy must work out I thought to myself
We began to talk, I found that he was in his mid thirties, getting over a relationship, an engineer working offshore, and just getting off a three week stint on the rig.
I am beyond horny he told me, and you are just what I needed.