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Dec 21, 2021
I learned that a pussy is an amazing thing. Last summer we went out sailing for an evening cruise and invited a single black friend to go along. My wife has had black cock before but this was a vanilla friend so just a night of sailing to watch the sunset over the Chesapeake Bay. After the sunset, I anchored and we cooked dinner and had a great meal and conversation. My wife and our friend were drinking and having fun joking around as I remained sober to motor us back to dock.

As I got ready to go forward to pull anchor, my wife blurted out: "Oh my god, Andreas! Look at Tyler's penis hanging out of his shorts. It must be enormous!" I turned to see about two inches and the head of Tyler's cock hanging out of his gym shorts. He literally had more hanging out than I am endowed with. My wife asked if she could see it, and Tyler gladly gave her a full open view of his slightly stiff cock. My wife was mesmerized and asked if he could actually fit it in a woman. My wife insisted he would not ever fit inside her.

Tyler said he was sure he could fit and asked to see my wife's pussy. Still anchored we all three went below deck and after some kissing Tyler put the head of his massive, bareback cock against my wife's pussy and began to press in. It was not easy but my wife was determined to take him inside herself. My wife was in a mix of euphoria and agony from being stretched and hammered by Tyler's hard cock.

After Tyler shot his load deep inside I examined my wife's very used looking pussy, I thought it would not ever return to normal.

spread pussy lips and anus.jpg
I never imagined anything that large could fit in a vagina. It was incredible to watch. Tyler fucked my wife a second time that evening while I brought us back to dock. Tyler left to go back home that night but my wife was too sore to get off the boat and we ended up staying on the boat that night.