Your wife/gf can handle bwc or bbc? Add her pics lets vote and discuss.


Aug 30, 2021
Hi, get a big dildo first to test her out, hopefully she’ll be bucking and writhing in a few minutes whilst you wank off watching her and thinking you knew deep down she was a big cock slut.
We’ve done that. She has an honest to God 9” black very thick dildo she can take balls deep. I get so turned on watching her fuck herself with it. So I guess I know that, technically, she can indeed handle (and enjoy) size.

We’ve even done DP a few times (with her riding the dildo and me in her ass; there’s no way that thing would fit in her asshole!) and it was amazing!

Just curious if she’d be able to handle the real thing, and potentially 2 or more twisting her this way and that.