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Husband helps his wife by putting a young college boy's cock inside his wife's pussy for her. Once he got inside, the husband was told to leave the room and let them play until she was filled with cum.
Now that's good service. Love when husbands are this supportive. What else would you have done for this nice young man?

Over the years I have learned to be totally submissive to my wife's Alpha bulls. For some that simply means offering my wife and then leaving him to have his way with her. For others, it means anything the bull requests from sucking him off to allowing him to take my ass. The Bull is always in control and gets anything he desires.
I left the room and found out that my phone had been placed on the chest and was leaning slightly forward to capture the bed. Before I walked out of the room the phone had tipped forward and was recording while laying down flat capturing the dresser top.
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guiding his cock and first make his cock hard with a good blowjob,sucking his balls and rimjob if he wants to be sure he,s at his best for my wife,younger boys are a bit taboo but it,s a fav because they ,re so sweet,fuck her more than once and hard

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