I got the impression that AnyDesk is a program which allows computers to access files on one another. I see that on here once in awhile. If not, then my mistake.


AnyDesk is primary business software allowing people to hold meetings and to work together long distance. Similar to Join Me or Team Viewer. Yes there is a file sharing possibility but it must be aloud by the hosting party. So when I host in AnyDesk only my files are shown and only my computer can be accessed by attendants. And only if I aloud it. Not the other way round.

I understand your fear. It is coming from the ignorance. Sadly majority of people are still ignorant despite the fact that knowledge was never been more accessible.

As for "some guy from Serbia" remark I suggest you spend just a hour researching but not western mainstream media, or any mainstream media, I am sure you will understand the amount of bs you've been fed by them about Serbs and Serbia. And not only that I think you will come to like us. I suggest you to start with the search phrase "famous Serbs". I am sure you will be quite surprised how much positive impacts some Serbs have on your live.