Dear Hotwife's Do You Like Your Bull To Be Fertile ?

Sep 22, 2021
Wow, I hope ot works for you guys. For a while, my wife and I could not have kids, until we found out I was sterile, at 25 years old. This, coupled with my wife already talking to other men, gave us the idea for her to have a baby with someone else. That happened with our 50 year old neighbor, who had a thing for my wife, and flirted with her enough to get in bed with her and get her pregnant. Now, a couple of years later, my wife is pregnant with his second child.
Old wine makes the trick
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Oct 4, 2021
Inviting interested hot wife or couple. I'm a decent sociable tall man with good physique and stamina. Also ready to give best support to get pregnancy, if anyone seriously interested
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