Fucked on or over my husband's lap


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Dec 21, 2021
I’ve seen my wife get fuked . But have her fuked over my lap is another level. I’d definitely love to see this

Husband joining the conversation. There is something highly pleasurable and erotic about my wife being fucked over my lap, either when I am fully clothed or naked. Holding her body and feeling her body respond to the cock pounding her pussy is intoxicating.

For me, the most memorable experience was a night my wife and I took a Lyft ride about 45 minutes from our house to a hotel to see a very dominant businessman traveling in our area. We met for drinks in the hotel bar and then went up to his room. He told us he was not into MFM, but I could stay and watch or leave and come back after they were done. If I chose to stay, I would have to remain fully dressed and remain quiet.

I sat in a chair as they stood and kissed and slowly undressed each other. My wife was mesmerized at the size of his cock, and she knelt a few feet in front of me, sucking this guy's cock. He then picked my wife up and carried her over to me, sitting her on my lap with her back to my chest. He raised her legs and then got inside her with her legs on his shoulders. I could feel the force of his pounding her as my cock was hard, and felt bruised and battered from my wife's ass grinding against me. Her body shook with several climaxes over about a half hour, and he kept going. My wife wrung with sweat when he finally shot his full load into her pussy.

After he pulled out, he kept my wife's legs spread and her pussy open as she began to leak all over the crotch of my jeans. I could feel their mixed cum soak through and onto my cock under my boxers.

After a few bottles of water between them and some foreplay and making out, he had me lay on my back on the bed with my wife laying on top of me facing me, her ass and pussy over my wet crotch. He got between our legs and entered her from behind again, pounding her hard and deep. His cum load from the first load was being pushed out and all over me. He filled her up a second time and again left her in this position to soak me with their combined loads.

They showered, and then with the bottom of my shirt and my pants down to my mid-thighs covered in their juices, we went back to the lobby bar for a nightcap. I got a lot of looks, and the smell of cum and sex was overpowering to me. The most embarrassing part of the night was on our Lyft ride back home. The driver was trying to make conversation and asking about our night. My wife was being flirty and saying what a good time she had. The driver finally asked if we had only dry-humped.