1. M

    Reluctant wife making a huge turnaround?

    I’m having a hard time with my wife coming into cuckolding and it’s sort of my problem too. She is very loyal and we booth love each other very much so she dosen’t understand the appeal of having other guys fuck her and when I bring up cucklding even tho I’m honest about it I always downplay it...
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  3. F

    Need help, is this cum stain?

    Gf told me that she is going to cinema with her female friend, when I came home she was already asleep and I found these panties in dirty laundry, they were still wet and warm, with a bit different smell than usual. Never ever her panties looked or smelled like this. Do you think it could be...
  4. D

    Question for the wives

    I have a question for a friend trying to get his wife to have a MFM threesome she likes the idea or it and it turns her on and she almost had one in college but how does he get her to fully go through with it he knows inside she probably still wants it but she’s conservative and religious so...
  5. G

    Help beginning the lifestyle

    M29 from glasgow here, and I want to be a cuckold but my gf isn't that much in to sex but when we do she's freaky wanting to try new stuff that I've never asked her to do in all honesty I see her as very vanilla and have gave up trying to introduce new stuff, I want to bring up her sleeping with...
  6. M

    What do I gotta post to get more reactions and comments???

    I’ve been posting about 6-7 months now and my gf is definitely extremely sexy and fun to look at and fantasize about but I don’t seem to be getting the feedback I’m hoping for, someone please help me promote or get more views and comments please! Becca needs to be viewed and abused!!!
  7. C

    Hello WwtP! Very curious wannabe cuck here!

    Hello as you can see in the title im a curius cuck wannabe and looking for guidence and help from other more experienced couples with getting started. Also down to chat with bulls who have maybe helped couples earlier!
  8. N

    How to tell her

    I think this weekend I’m going to tell my fiancée how I want to see her with another man. We’re a young couple (24/24) who’s been together since high school. She’s only had one other partner outside of me. Over the past year or so I’ve introduced her to dildos and vibrators, and seeing her...
  9. xKaannn0

    Sevgilim hakkında düşünceleriniz?

    Sevgilim sizce güzel mi? Onu nasıl buluyorsunuz? Fotoğraflarına bakarak karakterini tahmin edebilir misiniz? Onu çok seviyorum ve paylaşmak istiyorum fakat bu 2 senelik ilişkimizde hiç sex yapmadık, konuşmak bile istemedi. 8 cm aletim var bunun ona yeteceğini düşünmüyorum zaten. Bu konu hakkında...
  10. M

    Need help convincing wife

  11. M

    How to get wife started

    Alright guys I’m new here just found this site and I’m trying to get my wife to come around to it how can I do it she’s kinda really strict on morals and old ways I did catch her looking a big cocks on pornhub the other night so maybe it’s a start
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    Needing some help
  13. xKaannn0

    Hello, I need your help.

    I'm 22 years old and i am cuckold man. I have a girlfriend but she don't know i'm cuckold. I want to tell her i'm cuckold but i'm scared. Because I am afraid that he will leave me. how can i say that to her? I want her to cheat on me, I want to watch her. Can you help me tell her? Turkish...
  14. M

    I'll help ur wife get pregnant

    Hello, are u want get a child i can help ur wife get pregnant, In past i had made my friend wife pregnant. They don't have a child for 10 years. So i helped them and made her pregnant twice not once. I have an experience with Stanger also and some tourists, I want to help any couples that want...
  15. P

    Help finding this video or person

    Hello, I'm trying to find out who this person is. It showed up as a thumbnail on a site called porn555 or something like that but I couldn't actually find the video. The woman looks just like my wife, so I really want to find it, or at least find out who this actress is. Thanks guys.
  16. H

    Need help getting my wife blacked

    So I really want to get my wife blacked but she’s super conservative and I don’t want to bring anything like this up because it’ll just freak her out. I want to slowly get her interested in black cock subliminally. For example I’m trying to find a porn site where it’s just 80% black cock without...
  17. T

    Should I let her take control of this?

    So a VERY interesting situation has blown up after simply bringing up threesome fantasies to my girlfriend, we have been in talks about finding another bigger guy. The thing is that my girlfriend wants to be alone for the first few times she fucks the other guy, but it doesn't stop there...
  18. B

    How become a cuck?

    Hello people I'm very new in this whole thing and it's getting me so Horny. I got a girlfriend we have good sex and she likes it a lot but I would love to see her getting fucked by other guys and making me a cuck or cheating like that. But I don't know how to get her doing that. Can someone...