Becky....continuing to be a hotwife (with photos)


Dec 30, 2016
Can't wait to hear the rest. And hopefully we can see the rest also.
Well, after getting me very warmed up Richard quickly rolled a condom onto his cock and lowered himself between my parted thighs. I took one last glance across at my husband watching us intently, his own cock in one hand and the camera in the other before I felt Richards erection push easily into my soaking pussy. I know I groaned loudly and pushed up to meet his first thrust, accepting his prick with urgent need, as my knees drew back and my hands pulled him against me.

Things became a blur for a while after that as Richard fucked me with hard deep strokes making me cum twice on his dick, gasping and squirming as his length drove into me again and again. (I found out later that my husband made a first attempt at videoing me, with limited success, as I was fucked on my back).

As I came down off my second climax Richard wanted us to change position, telling me he wanted to cum as I rode him. So as he sat back I straddled his lap, pushing my breasts into his face and reaching down to guide his cock back into me.......

17  ohhhhhhh!.JPG


Nov 26, 2021
First of all, thanks to everyone who viewed or commented on my story ‘Becky – the first time’. It was my intention to tell the story of how I became a ‘hotwife’ and, hopefully, in doing so answer some of the questions people are always bringing up on the subject of how to get into the lifestyle, and judging from the responses I got it certainly seemed to do what I intended. As I keep saying to people who ask me it’s all about communication and honesty. If you aren’t open and honest with your partner, then your experiences are almost undoubtedly going to lead to some sort of disaster. So here is part 2, the continuation if you like. Again, feel free to comment, question or just take a look.